Some summarization what's f****ng wrong...

  • For some reason, I can't submit stuff (new nodes/update existing) to E2. However, browsing E2 and voting works just fine... and no one else seems to have this problem. This is, as you may guess, slightly annoying.
  • XEmacs won't run some stuff (including but not limited to Gnus). I suspect that my upgrade of GTK+ (1.2.8 -> 1.2.9) broke it.
  • After I upgraded XEmacs it still refuses to run... and when I try to get the non-GTK+ version of XEmacs, the inttttttternet connection won't get Estabilished.
  • Getting headaches and stuff and need to do all sorts of stuff and I make typos and there's nothin on tv and nikt aaaa hell I can't even tjhink streaight enymore. BbbbebbBBbbeBbb...

Please give me something that does work.

I just wanted to do what I felt was right.

Not that it'd actually work. Damn.

Techno-stress. Now I know what that is. My only comfort about it is that I'm in the lucky position of having an operating system that induces it much less. =)

<conspiracy-theory seriousity="0%">

Worst part? I can't call Saunalahti tech support because if I do, I'll probably sound so stressed that they'll call the white-coated people to assist me.

Meanwhile, the Saunalahti staff will notice the number of acute insanity cases directly caused by the incapacity of their modem pools - when net addicts can't get online, they may finally lose it - and tell their superiors about it. The hardware budget can't keep up with the demand, and so more and more of the cases of acutely-lunatic net addicts will surface...

They'll bribe the support people to shut up about the modem banks, but finally some yellow journalists notice the same thing - and then...


(Another daylog brought to you by the feature-deficient but working Nirvana Editor - if XEmacs gets too X, NEdit will just induce N!)



I'm fine. Mostly.

  • Bought Baldur's Gate (proper, if nonluxurious, boxed set, with Tales of the Sword Coast addon...) - Gameplaywise, almost as cool as Nethack (but more awkward, IMO - realtime games have never been in my field of expertise) - plotwise, it's almost as cool as... well, some other games. Neat stuff.
  • Stuff Creation and Updates in E2 have been sort of sticky, as detailed above, and still seems... I have definitely benefited from this short creativity break.
  • Oh, yeah, Schedulist is now finally in CVS. Celebrate. Only took about 2.5 months! =)


Damn it!

Just when I did this strange work with curve approximations, someone created a prime number that, when turned into raw data and gzip -d'd, produces DeCSS source.

Math Insanity...


Played some Baldur's Gate... thought of a new, serious, high fantasy world for GURPS. That sort of stuff. Oh, and wrote silly stuff about some Zork things. So much to do, so little ideas. =(

(Sorry, no silly menus for today. Lots o' nodifications, though.)