Today was also a good day.

Hmm Bad Things Must Be Lurking

I had an awesome restfull weekend. Nothing really horrible to report. Which means, this daylog, along with every other daylog I have ever written that contain the sentence at the top, "today was a good day," will be downvoted in to near mercy killing status. Oh dear.

Have you ever had the feeling that things are going so well that something bad just has to happen soon? Well, I have the feeling right now. I just hope that all of the downvoting somehow balences it out and gives a little yang to my ying. Naw, it can't be that easy.

More Sleep More Harry

Sleep in. Woke up when my Aunt crashed into the house wanted to see the, "new table," or some such nonsense. I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets while she was lurking around. I made plans that day to buy the rest of the available series. Damn, I love these books. I feel like such a little kid!

More Bathing, More Girl, More Apartment: Yay!

Took a bath. Read the latest issue of Scientific American. The EUV semi-conductor article made me wonder why my shares of Intel aren't higher. Which reminds me: fiscal policy through tax reform, ha! That's a good one Mr. Bush!!!

Went to pick up my girl. As ususal she needed defrosting. Bought her dinner and took her places she wanted to go, like the grocery store. That always helps.

Went up to her aparment. Showed her how to have fun with grapes in the microwave and then we "relaxed" while her roomates were out.

I am very content now.

Noded Stuff I am Proud Of...

...which is always good, especially since I am so close to a level up (level five, here I come!). I really hope it isn't too much like kissing your sister).

I am also very glad to say that I am confident that my Everything Request for Comments type nodes are a good idea. As according to ERFC: Kanji Write-Ups, I noded the following: