As I sit here waiting for Jackie Chan's First Strike to be over with so I can watch Monty Python or maybe another kung fu movie, I realize that I have managed to completely waste this day. I have done nothing productive. Usually this would not irk me as it happens all the time, but today, I would have liked to say, "Hey, I accomplished something. Isn't that special?"

But alas, this is not to be. I woke up at about 11:30, had a freezer-burned grape popsicle (and I don't really like freezer-burned grape popsicles). I took this back to my room upstairs, and proceeded to read a bit of slashdot (damn the evil workings of the RIAA). My mom called and asked for help with the littl'uns, so I took care of my little brother and my neice for a few hours, had some leftover spaghetti from yesterday ( I hate leftovers...), and talked to my significant other (this could be the highlight of the entire day). I solved the Einstein riddle as well as another (can't remember the name), and after this endeavor Sleepyland (tm) was calling me and I took a 2 hour nap. When I woke up I then turned on the TV (a rare thing), to TNT (an even rarer thing), and was watching the afformentioned Jackie Chan movie (not-so-rare a thing), and now find myself wishing I had done . . . something else. I found a mild satisfaction in solving the riddles. And talking to Govi, (the afforementioned significant other) always makes me feel better, yet still I feel that something is missing.

Ah, but this shall be pondered at a later date, because there's an Aerosmith special on the making of Pump on VH1. Pump is a good album. Aerosmith is cool. Perhaps watching the process of other people being productive can make me further realize just how wasted my day was. I'm going to go play some Aerosmith albums and dance around all crazy-like. Hopefully this will cure the impending sense of use-less-ness creeping up on me. (sidenote: Word Galaxy Strikes Again!, does anybody else always seem to catch this when they're about to submit something?)