Happy birthday to me!! This will probally be my last birthday as an unmarried man. Not that I haven't been living the married life for 5 years now, we've just never got arround to getting married. But sometime over the next 12 months we whould get married.

Note to all the other mid 20 somethings. Older women are great partners.

Things I've obtained since my last birthday:

Well the day has finally rolled arround, and it's pretty much SSDD. We're heading out to Gillian's tonight to celebrate. It's and adult arcade leaded with cool shit including an eight player Battletech Simulator . I haven't actually tried them out yet I hope it's actually cool, and doesn't suck ass

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Today was the day of my self-immolation.

I knew I shouldn't have gone. I knew he'd be there. I knew because I, like the fool I am, told her that I would be there. And he was there. Holding her hand, her arm wrapped around his, the smile in her face. I caught her looking at me several times. I know she knows how I feel. I know she once felt the same way. Hell, it's been 5 years now. If I had told her, it may have been me holding her hand, making her smile like that.

But I am such a coward.

And that's why it wasn't me. And why it won't. I'm a coward.

They disappeared shortly after it ended. She didn't stick around to say hello, like she normally does when I'm in town.

I know now she knows. Maybe it's fear, maybe it's gloating. Maybe it's more of a "I had a crush on you for so many years, but you broke my heart, now's my chance to break yours".

Every time I looked at them, something echoed in my mind. A glimmer of hope it was, a light like none other. MLK's voice saying "Free at last, free at last". I know now that I have a crossroad in my life.

One path leads me to a life of happiness, but never see her again.
Another path leads me along with her, but the road will itself will be the cause of unbearable pain.

It's not a decision I want to make.

Today was a good day.

I got my first restful nights sleep in awhile. I went to bed around 2am, and woke up 11am completely refreshed. I have not had a good nights sleep in a few weeks. Always woke up fatigued. Had to mow the lawn and wash the cars. No Big Deal. Went to my friends late birthday party today, late. Was a combined party for 2 of my friends, which was about 2-4 months overdue. But whatever, when you're a teenager no body questions the fact that there is a party.

About 5 of us there most of the time, then a 6th person showed up. The guy had these inflatable swords and shields. My girlfriend and i had a battle to the death, and she won. In one blow might i add, straight across my face a little harder then she meant to. Nice 1" cut above my lip, i laughed my head off, she felt awful. It was fun, i couldn't stop laughing. Oh well. We swam, we talked, we ate pringles. Later we watched The Jackal, god what a stupid movie, but it had big guns, which made it cool :) I got a splitting headache, g/f rubbed my temples and then my back. No more headache for me :)
It's my birthday. My overwhelming feeling is I'm too old for this shit.

dizzy pointed out to me that the chronic fatigue syndrome writetup had turned into a nodeshell (presumably a copyright violation) so I decided to write something there.

Update on the asbestos problem I mentioned on July 30, 2000. We spoke to the council and they say that the flue to our gas water heater (which has to be removed) probably is white asbestos. Our plumber says the flue is in sections and that he can remove it without breaking the absbestos (and releasing the dangerous fibres) and so according to the council that should be fine. It's still a bit worrying though.

Just to be sure we got an asbestos expert to come and look and he confirmed there was nothing to worry about. So feel a bit less anxious about this now.

A friend came over this afternoon. She cares for a guy who has really bad cfs. She's planning to emigrate to New Zealand and live by the sea. Good plan! She brought me some beautiful sunflowers and a wide array of cakes. Woohoo!

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9:30 BST

Is that an Inhaler in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

The girl in that canteen kept staring at my crotch - enough to make me very, very paranoid. Have I got an amusing stain down there? No. My Ventolin inhaler is in my pocket - arranged just so, making me look... aroused.

Saw Titan A.E. last night. The plot is obviously aimed at kids, but the art and graphics were amazing - enough to offset the poor plot and cel animation.

11:30 BST

Some web and usability links for your reading pleasure:

  • http://www.alistapart.com/stories/marsvenus/index.html - A list apart compares the usability experts and the design wizards
  • http://www.nathan.com/thoughts/seduction/ - the seductive user interface
  • http://www.lab404.com/dan/ - eye candy from the underground
  • http://www.lemonyellow.com/essays/essay_style.htm - try to template your style as well as your site

13:20 BST

Went for a walk at lunchtime and stopped off at the chemists for my asthma medicine. Proved again that my nick is very well chosen by: walking out of the doctors before remembering to book an appointment, forgetting when the appointment was while still at the booking desk, filling in the prescription incorrectly, forgetting to pay for the prescription, paying then putting the receipt away which meant that I had to take it out again to collect, saying I would be coming back later when I meant I would wait for the medicine and offering money when I collected the prescription when I had already paid.

Dizzy by name...

19:15 BST

Cream Crackered again. Walking 2 and a half miles home when you're an unfit geek is a tiring experience.

Oh babe
I love it when you slide
Stay with me
Slide all the time, don't go
I love the way you smile
Stay with me

Someone complained on #everything that the daylogs are too long - I hope I'm not the target of that comment :(

Wow. Back to everything after a long absence, and so much has changed, and so much has stayed the same. I am also Stoned Again; and, How I Managed It. Though it occurs to me that mentioning this here is tantamount to putting it in stone, with my name in the real world written underneath. That is, not Private.

Just watched Enemy of the State again: I was ten seconds into it before I realized I've seen it before. At the vid store, the cover triggered a mental note:
that's the film I've been meaning to see.
Unfortunately, it was an old mental note that should have been garbage-collected.

The movie was good again a second time. Then again I enjoyed the film "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson the other night: I seem to have the knack lately of overlooking atrocious flaws in plot, script and mindset of movies lately, and enjoying them even when they reek.

13:17 EET

Riikka (my 11-year-old sister) left for eye surgery this morning. I spoke to my mom at the phone and she said my sis was feeling quite anxious. Well, I don't blame her.. I myself had minor surgery done when I was 12 (nothing serious, not eye related either) and it scared the hell out of me beforehand. But in the end it wasn't such a horrible ordeal at all. Thank science of anesthesia!

Feeling quite tired today. I fell asleep early enough, but slept restlessly and woke up several times during the night. Furthermore, my neck feels as stiff as.. well, something that is very stiff. Thankfully I don't have much important stuff to do at work, so I'll be able to idly node the day away.

The latest 2-part South Park episode kicked ass. A great slap in the face for those who claim SP is nothing but fart-humor for kids. Of course, the subtle stings on organized religion must've gone over the heads of many viewers, but it won't be the first time that has happened.

The people in my current client companies are coming back for their vacations. This means things might get busy here. I'd better enjoy the free time while I can.

23:40 EET

Well, so much for the plan to node all day. A silly project took most of the day, and after work I just spent the evening with Masa playing Soul Calibur, Chu Chu Rocket etc. Better luck tomorrow with the noding business.

Riikka is fine after the surgery. She was feeling quite groggy because of the drugs they had given her, and pretty much went to sleep on arrival. I'm supposed to get up at 8 tomorrow morning to keep her company. I wouldn't mind it at all, but 8 o'clock?! That's sick. So don't be suprised if I'm too tired to node tomorrow.
My To Do: Updated!
  • email survey distribution code - 30 minutes - finished, didn't publish
  • Calendar navigation code - 2 hours? Hairy, may be longer. - didn't start.
  • Re-work tables/querys for crime stats site - 2 weeks, start today - didn't start
  • order new PC. PIII 667 PC133, 128MB RAM 20GB HDD, Voodoo 5... ! Delegated - didn't get done
  • Java Applet - scrolling text box for PR's drivel on intranet - 1 hour if I ever get around to it. done.
Of course, if I don't stop noding I will never get all this done. Noding and playing with ACID Music.

I got the Caffine Sampler from ThinkGeek.com last Friday. It is really cool. I plan on trying each flavor of drink today, so by the time I am ready to leave my co-workers will be ready for me to leave.

I didn't get any thing done today. I am such a slacker, and I hate it. I know I need to do things, but I just keep going back to the things I screw around with.

I have forced myself to work before, and I keep thinking I am going to again... Maybe tomorrow...


Well, in the morning (about 1105) while waiting for the bus to work, I realized that I had forgot my access card at home so I walked back home, retrieved my access card, watched the bus pass by and decided to take go to work via a bus down town and a commuter train which wouldn't take as long as if I had waited for the next bus.

While walking from the train stop to my office, I realized what a lovely sunny day it was and how nice it would be to have a day off.

Maybe I'll go get a coffee and smoke.

Not too much work since I'll be leaving this job in 2 weeks, and moving to a new job in a new country (again) in September. Have already reserved the boat tickets from Helsinki to Rostock. From there, a couple days leisurely driving. Yipeee! Weather will be much better there.

Node maintainance:
  • Added a link to The Bad Roommate Node to my 'vote sink' on my E2 home page.
  • Updated my writeup showing support for Everything Editor Logs by adding links to more recent Editor logs.
    I've Been Borged! for the very first time. It was terrible but I managed to come out intact.
  • went to drink with ai, whom i truly loved for the first time, and her boyfriend.
    talked about my second person whom i truly love.
    well, -g. had gone and i left oly about two weeks ago.
    so, it's over.
    i talked about the process and what had happened.
    what she said, what i said, how she touched, how i touched, why i thought it's worth to do it, why i think it didn't work, why i love her and such.
    ai said loving me made her feel guilty. that was exactly what -g. said to me.
    ai recommend me not to hung out with those cheap model-wannabes. she said i should face what i did. think and analize it without being cynical nor being a pimp.
    i know it. i told her i cannot be alone now because it's too hard.
    'that's bull. you deserve it.'
    this is what she said. though i don't want to agree with her, i have to agree with her.
    i loved ai because she was a bad ass bitch. i love -g. because she is the best bad ass bitch.
    i'm drunk now and i'm mumbling shit again. i should stop this 'cause it's almost 2 a.m.
    tomorrow, i need to wake up at six 'cause it's my first day at work.

    monday morning

    today sucks and i don't quite know why. today i hate most everything and everyone. i slept through my alarm. got to work at 11. coffee. coffee. coffee.

    the man comes back tomorrow morning. i am nervous and anxious.

    more later...

    monday afternoon

    i can't get the nervous feeling to go away. it's just a constant feeling of doom. not just gloom, i mean DOOM. like something catastrophic is about to happen.

    i keep looking in mirrors. looking for something wrong. i can't find anything about my being that anyone would find repugnant.

    i came close to finishing a self-portrait last night.

    monday night

    updated my homenode pic.

    Well, I'm not sick anymore but my neck hurts. I left the window open last night when I went to sleep go I guess when I kicked off my blankets (as I apparently often do) I got a nice cool breeze on my back which was great when the room was hot and stuffy, but not so good when I woke up all sore and stiff. A good, long, hot shower helped a lot. That's my advice for the day: long, hot showers rock.

    Tomorrow I"m supposed to go out to lunch with a lot of former co-workers in Mountain View. Since I'm the only person left here (damned my mindless loyalty!) no doubt I'll be called on to deliver the bulk of the news and gossip. I make it sound like I don't want to do it, but that's not true. No matter how shy I pretend to be (and believe you me, it's very, very shy) I still like being the center of attention. It's always nice to have an audience, I think. Even if it's only an audience of one.

    I really hate the way the cubicles here at work are set up. The computer is kitty-cornered (for you pedantic bastards, cater-cornered) from the entrance so my back is always exposed. I'm not (very) paranoid or anything, but it startles me whenever I'm working and someone sneaks up behind me. I must have been a cowboy in a past life -- "always keep your back to the wall".

    Why has ophie stopped putting headlines in her daily log? I thought that was a great idea.

    Work was mentioned in USA Today. Not a particularly flattering article either. Most distressing, the quote "more layoffs are likely." Not exactly what you want to hear. I'll bet you a buck that there'll be an allstaff email this morning from the CEO saying that the reporter is wrong, he was misquoted, etc.

    Long weekend.

    She and I sat down to watch Magnolia on friday night, but her sister's soon to be ex-boyfriend called, in an apparently suicidal state, and she needed to talk him out of it.

    So, after an hour of the movie, spent an hour and a half watching Oprah pimp the new Eddie Murphy movie, while half-heartedly listening to her calm Jon Sr. down.

    I later was criticized for being insensitive, because after about an hour, I was getting slightly annoyed with the fact that I was being ignored for the phone.


    Saturday went to the city, with her anorexic high school friend and some other people from the summer.

    Sunday had breakfast, then had some much-needed alone time. Saw Gladiator, for the third time. Then, inspired by the movie, played some Bushido Blade.

    So far have been productive at work; a typical monday. The boss is gone for a funeral; I am preparing a presentation. Our servers are breaking left and right, and all I can do is laugh and say, "It's your fault, end user!"

    Hmm... I don't feel much like noding today; perhaps the extended dose of the real world shocked my system?

    As I am sure anyone who has ever spent two consecutive days in New York City can tell you, they don't call NYC "the city that never sleeps" for nothing! In my three and a half days in the city, I got a total of about four and a half hours of sleep. I shit you not!

    Usually when I go away on a trip somewhere I come back and try to write my daylogs as if I had written them at teh end of each day, but I packed so much stuff into each day that I couldn't even begin to remember everything, and forget about having enough time/space! However, I can seperate my weekend into a couple lists:

    Famous People I Shook Hands With
    Famous People I Shared A Hotel With
    Famous People I Took Pictures Of
    Famous People I Met in A Bar
    Famous People's Look-a-likes That Asked Me For A Blowjob
    Places in NYC that I stood in line at for long periods of time but didn't get anywhere

    I would have written the whole weekend's experiences in my daylogs but it just doesn't seem to be the right place. Perhaps the dream logs would be more appropriate:)
    My daughter cried herself to sleep last night - cried inconsolably for a solid hour.

    When she finally dropped off, we all slept pretty deeply until 5am, when a neighbor's animals started up a ruckus. The baby goat was crying like a human child and all their dogs were barking like mad. Even though I knew what it was, the bleat was still upsetting.

    I didn't see the connection between the two events until I wrote them just now - I guess the goat's wail disturbed me because of what my daughter had been through. We'd just come back from a long, physically difficult trip.


    Notes from the Weekend

    Hung curtains, read a 360-page book cover to cover, did laundry, cleaned the house, sat in the sun, went out to dinner wearing a tropical print dress (oh yeah - commando style). =D


    Noded a few things this morning, entered lots of stuff into a database for work, sat at my desk and ate my lunch (yummy nectarines), listened to Phat Blues Music cd, noded more Jimmy Buffett stuff this afternoon.

    Favorite Node Created Today

    God's Own Drunk

    Plans for Tonight

    On the way home from work I plan on stopping at the mall (yuck) and buy more curtains, some flavored coffee, and maybe a hammock. Then I get to go home and make dinner (yay) and go back out to the grocery store. Betcha wish you were me!

    Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down...

    4:08 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

    NO WORK FOR RIMROD! WOOOO! I got up at 3 PM today, and I feel fucking great. Tony the Tiger great. Now only 7 more days and I leave for Las Vegas to partake in the Alpha Epsilon Pi national convention.

    The relatives are gone, I have my room back. And I've finally stopped tripping over toys.

    The Mets game on Friday nght was cool. Would've been cooler if Al Leiter hadn't blown the no hitter in the 6th inning, but at least they won.

    If I never partake in another #everything weight loss argument, it'll be too soon...
    God it's bloody hot today, 85-90, even for a happy guy on a scooter. It only really dawned on me when I realized that i was wearing all black, head to toe. Don't do that .that. much, but today I sort of fell into it. Absorbing heat. ah blessed heat. If only I could bottle it away for later.

    Today, our resident intern-savant is off to school up in Vancouver BC somewhere. He sweats good math. We may just fall apart as a result of him leaving. He has been afixed with a sticker that reads "quitter" for the day. But all the power too him, I gave him a nerf bazooka and a geek shirt from thinkgeek. I was looking for something that was written in VB, as it is his first love, but evidently not (and good).

    So we had a big lunch, and he shot his gun, and I had a few more meetings in the dark hot room we inhabit until we move over to Seattle. And I sat in the meeting tapping into e2. Outside! I'm trapped inside! Negiotated transpo' for a friend - Dialogues via multiple emails, icq, e2 and possibly, gasp, phone. the tangled web we weave... tonite I plan to hang out with the cousin cop, get more detail on what and what not I can get away with if and when I visit BC :-)

    So theres a weird thing. Met cousin and friend last night. Her friend spoke of her fiancee. Turns out her fiancee is a former (brilliant) electronic music geek I used to live with in Portland. small goddamn world. We (he and I) saw Fred Frith in Berkeley 6 years ago. It'll be good to see him again.

    caffiene intake - 1 cup on ferry, 1 double latte (iced, short), 1 red bull, and it is only 3 pm. mmm red bull.

    Dammit. Just hit the back button and everything I typed poofed. Here goes again.

    Had a good day. I'm giddy right now. little story now. I went in to Jon's office the other day (he's the purchasing guy for my department) and was talking to him about getting me a phone (I'd been working at the University of Minnesota for 2 months or so, and still no phone). And I'm talkin to him and his assistant Krista. I turned to my left for a second, and turned back, then I saw her. Blonde. Beautiful. Turning to talk to me. Didn't think too much of it at the time, but our conversation continued, she started shuffling papers to look busy. You know the shuffle, the one i've attempted so often and failed miserably with? This caught my attention. I was flabbergasted. Well, we had a nice conversation for a few minutes, then I had to leave.

    Well, the next day, I got a call from jon asking for the phone jack number so he can give it to NTS (Networking an Telecom Services). So i looked, an remembered that there was no jack, which was the source of the problem in the first place. So I figured, I'll swing by and let him know, since i'd be out that way anyway. (Christina had nothing to do with it, mind you ;) So I stopped by, let jon know my findings, and he said he'd do what he could. And again, Christina took notice of my presence, though she was a little more distant. Hmm. Not so sure now. (keep in mind i'm very inexperienced in the ways of relationships, not to mention insecure as a mofo). But we still talked, wasn't awkward or anything. So still goin ok.

    Well, next day I get a call from Nancy at NTS, asking for the request number. Ok, no clue. Yet another excuse to head to Jon's office, since it's again, "on my way". This time, Christina comes up and stands next to me in front of Jon's desk (right next to krista's desk, Jon's assistant) and gives Krista a sheet. I inquire as to what it is, and she shows it to me, it's a name analysis from one of those baby-name websites. So I read hers, interesting, she agreed with it, i could handle what was written down there :) so we're still cool. Then she grabs my hand and takes me to her desk and pulls my name up. GOOD sign. Then my cell phone rings. I pick up and immediately, think SHIT!! I was supposed to be outside my office to take my boss to the West Bank to meet a lawyer for something. Anyway, I said sorry i have to bolt, and i did. i e-mailed her that afternoon apologizing again, and thanked her for the name analysis. She said don't worry, some other small talk.

    Last Thursday i came into my office to find a phone on my desk. Cool! So I went over to thank Jon for all his help, but he was out sick. Apparently he hit the rib-fest a bit too hard the night before. And Christina wasn't there :( so I asked Krista to thank jon, and I turned to leave, and Christina walked in, but I couldn't just ask her out there and then, it'd be too awkward. So I emailed her again, asked her out Friday night. Well, i got a reply friday morning, saying she already had plans, but maybe another night? This freaked me out. My paranoid-ass was just goin a mile a minute, all weekend, did she mean it? did she mean lets not try some other night? ARGH.

    So here I was today, worse than i was all weekend, waiting for a reply from her, but not wanting to call to make it seem like i'm stalking her or anything, and she emailed back and asked about my phone. I forgot to tell her i got it! Yes! So I called her up, said hola, tis I your knight in shining armor (or words to that effect) she laughed at whatever lameass thing i said! Wow! So I asked her out, and I have a date wednesday!!! I'm so jittery I need to go bike a few miles to get this outta my system.

    I'm sorry for those of you hoping for a bigger finale for this long of a story, but if you don't date a lot, or are shy as all hell like I am, this is pretty big. To ask a girl out, after not having any form of relationship for well over a year, (that one being shitty at that) after only talking to her for a total of twenty minutes? Big step. So now i have a date, and i'm happy, and hopefully the story is not yet over!

    Well, thus far the story is not over, simply put on hold. Unfortunately, I went in to work this morning (8/2/00) to find an e-mail from Christina informing me she had to break it off tonight to meet her sister at the airport. A likely story ;) but really, I believe she's been sincere, and she said she wanted to try another night, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Wish me luck!

    Today was a day much like any other, only completely different. I found myself working away at tasks that seemed to go nowhere fast. Patching in nail holes and cracks in a floor and taking hours to do so. Of course when I look back at it the amount of time I spent is just about right.

    What does it mean when none of the good things matter. Only the mistakes have any lasting effect?
    I can only assume that it means nothing that was there had any meaning at all.

    I like my life and I know why I like it. I know what I want to do and I don't care if I do it or not. This is a good way to be.

    Current top 5 favorite songs in playlist:
    It should be noted that my favorite songs change, I have long term favorites and currents. :)

    1. The Corrs - In Blue - Breathless
    2. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Bad News and Bad Breaks
    3. They Might Be Giants - Lincoln - Snowball in Hell
    4. Morcheeba - Let Me See
    5. Steve Earle - Guitar Town - Fearless Heart
    The interview with Spedia.com went well, so that's cool. I am hoping to hear from another company before the callback. I got an E2 postcard from Australia! From...someone who signed their real name, and so now I have no idea who it was. But it was Sanrio, I can tell you that much. Heehee...kawaii. I bought a Chinese word processor, but I still need a) a new computer or laptop (cheap..ack, help!), and b) Chinese Windows.

    A few months ago I had no inkling that I'd be applying for a real world job. I don't know if I've quite grasped it or not.
    Noded all the lyrics to Moxy Früvous' "The 'C' Album", which took longer than I expected because the lyrics weren't available on fruvous.com.

    Today at work I got a call saying that a terminal server had been struck by lightning. I swear, that library must have been built be the same Gozer worshippers who built the aratment building in Ghostbusters. It gets hits by lightning in every T-storm that passes overhead. Naturally, I have surge suppressors all over the goddamn place, but somehow the current ran ramshackle over my expensive precautions. Spent about an hour on the phone arranging for a replacement, telling everyone in the office what happened and why I'd be on site Wednesday morning.

    I wonder what Segnbora-t is up to, and whether Treg O'Weth is using her votes for her during her vacation.

    I wonder how I've managed to stay up till midnight again. Yesterday was a long day, involving a carpool to go visit Juliet with Segnbora-t, tregoweth and Gamaliel. I don't regret leaving so early since it meant we got to hang out longer in Ft. Myers, but I do need to catch up on sleep eventually.

    I suspect my floppy drive got fried this weekend when I swapped it from one machine to another. It took me several drive-killing minutes to realize that I had the cable on backwards. Oops. The new 45GB Caviar is nice, but the reason I bought it was that it's time to reinstall Windows, and to do that I'll need a working floppy drive. Dammit.

    Anyway, if you catch any errors in my Moxy Früvous writeups, let me know. I'm not sure about the hardlink to Hold the Mustard in Beware The Killer Tents; they're a folk band, but were they at FRFF99 or was the mustard reference another Mustard's Retreat joke?

    This morning: Two different fat men walk by me, both with limps. Each has a sweet shy smile, it turns out. It goes well with the gentle rain. A young guy with a shaved head and a hood pulled over it crosses the street near where i'm standing. He stares at me until i smile, then looks away sharply and stalks on. The rain gets colder.

    Midday: One of my co-workers informs me that the high point of his weekend was when the woman at the laundromat showed him the proper way to fold a fitted sheet. He's excited about this.

    This evening: There are people talking in rhyme at the laundromat. They seem giddy, like they've known each other for a while and have only just struck on the idea that they might flirt with each other. They're deciding whether or not to do that.

    Tonight: There are strangers staying at my house, and i feel like an exhibit as i make and eat my dinner. They're apartment hunting, and very polite. I'm not sure what to do, and decide to do nothing out of the ordinary.

    I got an email from a friend about a highly probable contract. We'd be using Struts, which uses Model 2 for interactive websites. That would be Model-View-Control, and ohmy, this is the first time something I learned in school will be used in the Real WorldTM. It's all quite exciting. Even more exciting is the fact that Struts has no documentation (aside from the source itself) -- It's like being the Vasco de Gama of coders.

    Work continues on my CGI script. I'm quite excited about it. Not the challenge of programming it, really (there is none), just what it will do.

    The girl from yesterday had the gall to try and chat me with a different screen name (I had blocked the other one). I was nice enough to respond to her with a "goodbye" before I blocked her. I think she got the idea.

    Today is the girlfriend's birthday, so I took the day off from work to go out and celebrate. We saw Scary Movie; it's fucking hilarious. Then I had a near death experience on the way to the restaurant for dinner. I'm trying to merge right two lanes to make an exit ramp, easier said than done in rush hour traffic, in a vehicle with blind spots big enough to hide a FedEx truck. So, I get some jerk in a little black sportscar out of by blind spot, pull right one lane, look up, and the people ahead of me are FUCKING STOPPED ON THE FREEWAY! I hit the brakes, realize I have no time to stop, look left, there's a blue car in my blind spot, look right, there's a silver car, but farther back than the blue one. I whip right, clearing the stopped cars by about 6 feet, and the silver car by a little less. The car heels over like a sailboat tacking into the wind, but I manage to keep the wheels on the ground. So, about two miles down the road, the Bitch in the silver cougar pulls up next to me, two feet from the side of my car, leans on the horn, and shoots me the finger. By the time she was finished with this little display of road rage, I had my left tires on the line dividing the lanes, and she was still two feet from my passenger window, so she must have come halfway into my lane to make a point about how I'm a bad driver. Fucking skank-ass ho bitch!

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