Dammit. Just hit the back button and everything I typed poofed. Here goes again.

Had a good day. I'm giddy right now. little story now. I went in to Jon's office the other day (he's the purchasing guy for my department) and was talking to him about getting me a phone (I'd been working at the University of Minnesota for 2 months or so, and still no phone). And I'm talkin to him and his assistant Krista. I turned to my left for a second, and turned back, then I saw her. Blonde. Beautiful. Turning to talk to me. Didn't think too much of it at the time, but our conversation continued, she started shuffling papers to look busy. You know the shuffle, the one i've attempted so often and failed miserably with? This caught my attention. I was flabbergasted. Well, we had a nice conversation for a few minutes, then I had to leave.

Well, the next day, I got a call from jon asking for the phone jack number so he can give it to NTS (Networking an Telecom Services). So i looked, an remembered that there was no jack, which was the source of the problem in the first place. So I figured, I'll swing by and let him know, since i'd be out that way anyway. (Christina had nothing to do with it, mind you ;) So I stopped by, let jon know my findings, and he said he'd do what he could. And again, Christina took notice of my presence, though she was a little more distant. Hmm. Not so sure now. (keep in mind i'm very inexperienced in the ways of relationships, not to mention insecure as a mofo). But we still talked, wasn't awkward or anything. So still goin ok.

Well, next day I get a call from Nancy at NTS, asking for the request number. Ok, no clue. Yet another excuse to head to Jon's office, since it's again, "on my way". This time, Christina comes up and stands next to me in front of Jon's desk (right next to krista's desk, Jon's assistant) and gives Krista a sheet. I inquire as to what it is, and she shows it to me, it's a name analysis from one of those baby-name websites. So I read hers, interesting, she agreed with it, i could handle what was written down there :) so we're still cool. Then she grabs my hand and takes me to her desk and pulls my name up. GOOD sign. Then my cell phone rings. I pick up and immediately, think SHIT!! I was supposed to be outside my office to take my boss to the West Bank to meet a lawyer for something. Anyway, I said sorry i have to bolt, and i did. i e-mailed her that afternoon apologizing again, and thanked her for the name analysis. She said don't worry, some other small talk.

Last Thursday i came into my office to find a phone on my desk. Cool! So I went over to thank Jon for all his help, but he was out sick. Apparently he hit the rib-fest a bit too hard the night before. And Christina wasn't there :( so I asked Krista to thank jon, and I turned to leave, and Christina walked in, but I couldn't just ask her out there and then, it'd be too awkward. So I emailed her again, asked her out Friday night. Well, i got a reply friday morning, saying she already had plans, but maybe another night? This freaked me out. My paranoid-ass was just goin a mile a minute, all weekend, did she mean it? did she mean lets not try some other night? ARGH.

So here I was today, worse than i was all weekend, waiting for a reply from her, but not wanting to call to make it seem like i'm stalking her or anything, and she emailed back and asked about my phone. I forgot to tell her i got it! Yes! So I called her up, said hola, tis I your knight in shining armor (or words to that effect) she laughed at whatever lameass thing i said! Wow! So I asked her out, and I have a date wednesday!!! I'm so jittery I need to go bike a few miles to get this outta my system.

I'm sorry for those of you hoping for a bigger finale for this long of a story, but if you don't date a lot, or are shy as all hell like I am, this is pretty big. To ask a girl out, after not having any form of relationship for well over a year, (that one being shitty at that) after only talking to her for a total of twenty minutes? Big step. So now i have a date, and i'm happy, and hopefully the story is not yet over!

Well, thus far the story is not over, simply put on hold. Unfortunately, I went in to work this morning (8/2/00) to find an e-mail from Christina informing me she had to break it off tonight to meet her sister at the airport. A likely story ;) but really, I believe she's been sincere, and she said she wanted to try another night, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Wish me luck!