A somewhat strange dream tonight, and one that left me wishing it had actually happened, or at least not ended too soon. Somehow, it begins with me being back at Nolan, the High School I recently graduated from. I'm walking down the hall, and recognize the person in front of me as a really nice girl (not to mention an attractive girl) who I had only spoken to once or twice in my entire high school career, because we had very few classes together. I felt saddened by this fact, and decided to at least have a conversation with her, seeing as this was probably the last time I would ever see her.

So we walk down the halls, talking about random stuff, when I see down the hall a girl who I had gone out with once just after graduation a few months ago, and who had never returned my calls. I was overjoyed by this fact, as I still had a few lingering hopes that we might someday go out again. She ran up to me, jumped into my arms, and gave me a hug. And then...

And then, the dream ends, as the sound of the rest of my family waking up and getting ready for the day was too much for me to sleep through. Thus I wake up, feeling cheated out of what might have turned into a very interesting dream, and with the song Mable by Goldfinger suitably running through my head.

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