Noded all the lyrics to Moxy Früvous' "The 'C' Album", which took longer than I expected because the lyrics weren't available on

Today at work I got a call saying that a terminal server had been struck by lightning. I swear, that library must have been built be the same Gozer worshippers who built the aratment building in Ghostbusters. It gets hits by lightning in every T-storm that passes overhead. Naturally, I have surge suppressors all over the goddamn place, but somehow the current ran ramshackle over my expensive precautions. Spent about an hour on the phone arranging for a replacement, telling everyone in the office what happened and why I'd be on site Wednesday morning.

I wonder what Segnbora-t is up to, and whether Treg O'Weth is using her votes for her during her vacation.

I wonder how I've managed to stay up till midnight again. Yesterday was a long day, involving a carpool to go visit Juliet with Segnbora-t, tregoweth and Gamaliel. I don't regret leaving so early since it meant we got to hang out longer in Ft. Myers, but I do need to catch up on sleep eventually.

I suspect my floppy drive got fried this weekend when I swapped it from one machine to another. It took me several drive-killing minutes to realize that I had the cable on backwards. Oops. The new 45GB Caviar is nice, but the reason I bought it was that it's time to reinstall Windows, and to do that I'll need a working floppy drive. Dammit.

Anyway, if you catch any errors in my Moxy Früvous writeups, let me know. I'm not sure about the hardlink to Hold the Mustard in Beware The Killer Tents; they're a folk band, but were they at FRFF99 or was the mustard reference another Mustard's Retreat joke?