In a word, fabulous. One of the oddest, most unique experiences that one can have in their life. Having absolutely no knowledge of what happened to you other than that it did happen is stupendous. The best experience with being anaesthetized was in my dentist's office, having my wisdom teeth out. The nurse put in an IV, which was an interesting experience unto itself. Then, in a sweet voice that only someone who is totally disassociated from your current situation can muster, she says, "I'm going to give you something to relax you." Ha! The first shot of chemicals, whatever they are, make you feel amazing. Giddy and wonderful, all at once, 5 seconds after she pushes the plunger. Afterwards, she states that the real stuff is coming next and that you should start to count backwards in your head. By 80, you're unconcious. Black. You awaken to smiling faces with gauze in your mouth and the steady beep of a heart monitor in the background.

If you really like these experiences, you should probably stay very very far away from actual intravenous drugs, because you are susceptible to addiction, moreso than anyone else.
According to my university psychology professor, no one really knows exactly why general anaesthesia works. We do know, however, that it produces short term memory loss apart from its soporific effects, e.g. if someone is given just a little, they won't be able to remember the next fifteen minutes of what happens to them, even though they didn't go to sleep and might have been having a conversation and seeming perfectly normal.

So the really creepy implication of this is that (and apparently there are stress tests that back this up) maybe anaesthesia doesn't actually block your brain from registering pain: you just can't move and can't remember the ordeal afterwards.

The preceeding information is from an undergraduate psychology class taken several years ago. I remembered it because it really scared me, but take it with a grain of salt. And feel free to correct me if I'm remembering things wrong.

anesthesia, vulval: diminution of erotic/sexual feeling in the sex organs of the female, and its replacement to some degree with a feeling of numbness.

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An`es*the"si*a (#), n., An`es*thet"ic (#), a.

Same as Anaesthesia, Anaesthetic.


© Webster 1913.

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