Today was a good day.

I got my first restful nights sleep in awhile. I went to bed around 2am, and woke up 11am completely refreshed. I have not had a good nights sleep in a few weeks. Always woke up fatigued. Had to mow the lawn and wash the cars. No Big Deal. Went to my friends late birthday party today, late. Was a combined party for 2 of my friends, which was about 2-4 months overdue. But whatever, when you're a teenager no body questions the fact that there is a party.

About 5 of us there most of the time, then a 6th person showed up. The guy had these inflatable swords and shields. My girlfriend and i had a battle to the death, and she won. In one blow might i add, straight across my face a little harder then she meant to. Nice 1" cut above my lip, i laughed my head off, she felt awful. It was fun, i couldn't stop laughing. Oh well. We swam, we talked, we ate pringles. Later we watched The Jackal, god what a stupid movie, but it had big guns, which made it cool :) I got a splitting headache, g/f rubbed my temples and then my back. No more headache for me :)