Long weekend.

She and I sat down to watch Magnolia on friday night, but her sister's soon to be ex-boyfriend called, in an apparently suicidal state, and she needed to talk him out of it.

So, after an hour of the movie, spent an hour and a half watching Oprah pimp the new Eddie Murphy movie, while half-heartedly listening to her calm Jon Sr. down.

I later was criticized for being insensitive, because after about an hour, I was getting slightly annoyed with the fact that I was being ignored for the phone.


Saturday went to the city, with her anorexic high school friend and some other people from the summer.

Sunday had breakfast, then had some much-needed alone time. Saw Gladiator, for the third time. Then, inspired by the movie, played some Bushido Blade.

So far have been productive at work; a typical monday. The boss is gone for a funeral; I am preparing a presentation. Our servers are breaking left and right, and all I can do is laugh and say, "It's your fault, end user!"

Hmm... I don't feel much like noding today; perhaps the extended dose of the real world shocked my system?