Well, I'm not sick anymore but my neck hurts. I left the window open last night when I went to sleep go I guess when I kicked off my blankets (as I apparently often do) I got a nice cool breeze on my back which was great when the room was hot and stuffy, but not so good when I woke up all sore and stiff. A good, long, hot shower helped a lot. That's my advice for the day: long, hot showers rock.

Tomorrow I"m supposed to go out to lunch with a lot of former co-workers in Mountain View. Since I'm the only person left here (damned my mindless loyalty!) no doubt I'll be called on to deliver the bulk of the news and gossip. I make it sound like I don't want to do it, but that's not true. No matter how shy I pretend to be (and believe you me, it's very, very shy) I still like being the center of attention. It's always nice to have an audience, I think. Even if it's only an audience of one.

I really hate the way the cubicles here at work are set up. The computer is kitty-cornered (for you pedantic bastards, cater-cornered) from the entrance so my back is always exposed. I'm not (very) paranoid or anything, but it startles me whenever I'm working and someone sneaks up behind me. I must have been a cowboy in a past life -- "always keep your back to the wall".

Why has ophie stopped putting headlines in her daily log? I thought that was a great idea.

Work was mentioned in USA Today. Not a particularly flattering article either. Most distressing, the quote "more layoffs are likely." Not exactly what you want to hear. I'll bet you a buck that there'll be an allstaff email this morning from the CEO saying that the reporter is wrong, he was misquoted, etc.