Well, in the morning (about 1105) while waiting for the bus to work, I realized that I had forgot my access card at home so I walked back home, retrieved my access card, watched the bus pass by and decided to take go to work via a bus down town and a commuter train which wouldn't take as long as if I had waited for the next bus.

While walking from the train stop to my office, I realized what a lovely sunny day it was and how nice it would be to have a day off.

Maybe I'll go get a coffee and smoke.

Not too much work since I'll be leaving this job in 2 weeks, and moving to a new job in a new country (again) in September. Have already reserved the boat tickets from Helsinki to Rostock. From there, a couple days leisurely driving. Yipeee! Weather will be much better there.

Node maintainance:
  • Added a link to The Bad Roommate Node to my 'vote sink' on my E2 home page.
  • Updated my writeup showing support for Everything Editor Logs by adding links to more recent Editor logs.
    I've Been Borged! for the very first time. It was terrible but I managed to come out intact.