God it's bloody hot today, 85-90, even for a happy guy on a scooter. It only really dawned on me when I realized that i was wearing all black, head to toe. Don't do that .that. much, but today I sort of fell into it. Absorbing heat. ah blessed heat. If only I could bottle it away for later.

Today, our resident intern-savant is off to school up in Vancouver BC somewhere. He sweats good math. We may just fall apart as a result of him leaving. He has been afixed with a sticker that reads "quitter" for the day. But all the power too him, I gave him a nerf bazooka and a geek shirt from thinkgeek. I was looking for something that was written in VB, as it is his first love, but evidently not (and good).

So we had a big lunch, and he shot his gun, and I had a few more meetings in the dark hot room we inhabit until we move over to Seattle. And I sat in the meeting tapping into e2. Outside! I'm trapped inside! Negiotated transpo' for a friend - Dialogues via multiple emails, icq, e2 and possibly, gasp, phone. the tangled web we weave... tonite I plan to hang out with the cousin cop, get more detail on what and what not I can get away with if and when I visit BC :-)

So theres a weird thing. Met cousin and friend last night. Her friend spoke of her fiancee. Turns out her fiancee is a former (brilliant) electronic music geek I used to live with in Portland. small goddamn world. We (he and I) saw Fred Frith in Berkeley 6 years ago. It'll be good to see him again.

caffiene intake - 1 cup on ferry, 1 double latte (iced, short), 1 red bull, and it is only 3 pm. mmm red bull.