This morning: Two different fat men walk by me, both with limps. Each has a sweet shy smile, it turns out. It goes well with the gentle rain. A young guy with a shaved head and a hood pulled over it crosses the street near where i'm standing. He stares at me until i smile, then looks away sharply and stalks on. The rain gets colder.

Midday: One of my co-workers informs me that the high point of his weekend was when the woman at the laundromat showed him the proper way to fold a fitted sheet. He's excited about this.

This evening: There are people talking in rhyme at the laundromat. They seem giddy, like they've known each other for a while and have only just struck on the idea that they might flirt with each other. They're deciding whether or not to do that.

Tonight: There are strangers staying at my house, and i feel like an exhibit as i make and eat my dinner. They're apartment hunting, and very polite. I'm not sure what to do, and decide to do nothing out of the ordinary.