I'm still Matrix 2-scouting. I'm such a geek! Sometimes it surprises me. But at least there's a bit of sentimentality to it. The day before Easter, 1999, I drove through pounding rain in a slippery Neon to study finite math with my new friend, and afterwards (as a reward, since I hated the class) go see The Matrix. Two years later, we are still together and in love.

Anyway, we'll see if I spot anything interesting tonight or tomorrow. Yesterday at the naval base I only saw a warehouse full of Cadillac Escalades, a bunch of police cars, and a fake Highway 101 sign. Apparently they filmed at the Webster Tube yesterday morning, which is cool 'cause I drive through it every day to work.

Tomorrow at 6 pm PST, I'll be trying to call in to Who Wants to be a Millionaire in hopes of landing a San Jose audition. Think good thoughts! I need the money for Stanford. And besides noding on E2, what else is a brain full of trivia good for, eh?