We're supposed to be going to Italy on Friday. Today Aer Lingus announced that they are going on strike the very same day. A week before Easter. On the cusp of the weekend.

Aer Lingus aren't only the major Irish airline - they are also the official handlers for Dublin Airport, which means that any other airline dependant on their ground services is going to be out of working order.

They offered to put us on another flight on Sunday. We're meant to be leaving Venice on Sunday, so that's a great help, thankyouverymuchyoubastartds.

Eventually my husband got a cab to the airport and went to give out to them in person. They are now putting us on a flight tomorrow afternoon, which means another day off work and getting into Venice in the middle of the night. But that's out only option - it's either that or cancel the holiday.

Yes, everybody has the right to strike. But that doesn't make their right right.