I've had a shit couple of days. I spent moday night in hospital with a friend (don't ask - I dont't want to talk about it now, and it's not something I think should be discussed right now either). I didn't get any sleep for about 25 hours, 5 the night before. No food for 18 hours and no fluids for about 8. I was feeling pretty crap by the time I got out of there at 9am. I had things to sort out before I got some sleep - I didn't exactly enjoy that.
The worst's over now but I still have to deal with the fallout for god knows how long. It might even take a turn for the worse!

I really don't want this kind of bollocks!

I tried to node a couple of thoughts I'd had going through my head at the time and was duly shitted on from a great height. My ego's greatly deflated, and I have to do some more stuff tonight when all I want to do is curl up in front of TV with my girfriend.