Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

The biggest university in Mexico, state owned, located mostly in Mexico City on the vast Ciudad Universitaria campus.
Some of the buildings are decorated with huge murals and mosaics by leading Mexican artists. For example, the Rectoria looks like something you might come up with under the combined influence of peyote, grass and quesadillas.

The UNAM has its own TV and radio station, imaginatively called "Radio UNAM" and "TV UNAM".

UNAM is perceived as a working class university, because the tuition is essentially free and the campus and services are somewhat bare-bones.
Interestingly, though, UNAM is also the university that produces about 90% of all research in Mexico. The private universities in Mexico are (mostly) factories that produce nice and useful MBAs and lawyers; they don't deal with expensive research.
In fact, if you want to study certain careers like Mathematics, Chemistry or Astronomy your only option is UNAM.

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