What started out as an innocent pointing out of the "better-than-you" attitude I've gotten from many people on the system turned into a full-fledged "tear into PUssyKat because she had the nerve to say something un-flattering about our beloved E2".

I love E2 as well.

Just because I've only got 20 write-ups doesn't mean I'm not allowed to have an opinion on the place. You people who trashed me in E2 is Unfriendly to New Noders just proved my point. I couldn't even share my feelings about it with you without becoming a whiney bitch who lacks the clout and priveledge of speaking her mind.

I wasn't trying to insult you.

But people read something negative, and rather than try and find the source of the problem and try to rectify it, they make it worse and then shoot the messenger. Did it ever dawn on anyone that maybe I'm not the first to have these thoughts? Of course it must have, there's loads of nodes out there with the same theme.

I'm not wrong just because I disagree with you.

Suddenly I write trash and I want attention for being a female. Suddenly any talent or poignant thought that I might have had is drowning in my apparent ignorance of this blissful place.

E2 is beautiful. It's a wonderful idea. I wholeheartedly support it.

But I have just as much right to work to make it a better place as those of you who have been here for years.

The very first thing I read when I came to Everything2 was a little piece by dem bones in a node called "Why you are the most important person here." It was beautiful, it inspired me. I knew at once that this was a place I would love.

Those of you who've been attacking me, telling me I don't know enough about the site to say anything, telling me I haven't been around long enough to "complain", calling me a whiney bitch and attacking the quality and uniqueness of my work just because I happen to run my own website, well, maybe YOU should re-read the premise behind this place we've met at. Maybe you should remember why YOU are the most important person here, and why this place is beautiful.

This place is fucking beautiful.