Animefu was a short-lived project by the some of the owners/creatives behind Slashdot, particularly Cmdr Taco and Kurt "The Pope". Nate from Everything2 came up with the original concept, and Perlmonkeys helped code the website.

The general idea behind the site was to be a primary source for Anime-related reviews and information. While it started off quickly, the number of crowdsourced reviews tapered off, eventually to the point where they finally pulled the plug.

While it was online, they included sections for characters, reviews, and methods to purchase. I wrote quite a few reviews for them, and Kurt granted me additional admin rights to help clean the information up and approve the posts.

Now, the website lives only on The last links posted there are from 2008.

Back when The Everything Development Corporation was trying to generate income from the E2 Engine, they used AnimeFu as an example of what it could do.

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