Hot hentai action with an exceptionally well-drawn curvy teacher!

Yup, that's what I thought when I first saw this anime DVD title. There's no hentai action, but there's plenty of fan service available. The good thing is that it is presented as comedic moments, and mostly not just to show large breasts.

After going through the setup for this series (12+1 episodes in all), it seemed like this was going to be a waste of cash. I only bought it on a recommendation by a friend of mine who works in a comic and anime shop.

The story is preposterous - a super-hot female with killer curves (Mizuho Kazami) is really an alien sent to watch Earth. Her UFO is parked in the lake, and she moves next door to a kid named Kei with a strange condition. He tends to go into a coma-like state where he stops aging. He's now in 10th grade, but he's physically 18 years old. The alien babe pops in and gets hired as a teacher in the kids class. He saw the alien land, reecognizes that it's his new teacher, and they get themselves into a ridiculous situation where he has to pretend he's married to her so she can keep her job!

Now for the surprising part:

This anime goes well beyond the sexual innuendo and the silly plotline. The real gem buried in the story is the interaction of the characters, which are well developed for the most part (and no, I'm not talking about Ms. Kazami's chest!)

The episodes revolve around realistic reactions and feelings that surround life like first kisses, sex, jealousy, and angst. There's some well-done stories about how different people react to certain circumstances, such as when (newly married) Kei gets set up on a date by his friends, who have no idea he's married to Mizuho, and how Mizuho confronts her feelings. It's not done over-the-top, and there's some poignant conversation between Kei and Mizuho after they sit down and have time to deal with what has happened. Looking for fan service? It's here in abundance. Mizuho is exceptionally well drawn, and is right sexy. Her English-cast voice is the same woman who did Beldandy in Ah! My Goddess! She has a curvaceous figure that will surely grace many a desktop. If you enjoy a good goofy story, the first DVD is certainly worth a rental. I think you'll end up buying a copy, and the rest of the series when they're available.

An AnimeFu Review.

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