Nickname/mascot of the single finest College Football team of the 90's, and one of the best teams of the last three decades. For over 30 straight seasons, the Cornhuskers have had at least 9 wins per season, and been selected to play in a Bowl Game. Additionally, they have won 5 National Championships since 1970.

This era of dominance was fostered at the knee of Bob Devaney, and continued during the 25+ season career of Tom Osborne. Upon his retirement, Frank Solich took the helm, and, after a shakey rookie season, has resumed Nebraska's winning ways.

As a semi-interresting side piece of trivia, for the Cornhuskers were not always known as the Cornhuskers. Their original name, which they bore into (I think) the 1910's, was the Bugeaters. Strange, eh?

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