Having curves you want to drive down a little too fast or just a bit slow. Curves so smooth and lush they beg for your fingers to trace them and wonder how marble or granite or bronze came to be so silken.

Womanly. Does your eye nestle just so in that scoop of waist and then slide down or up a flaring arc? Glance away, it's not polite to stare.

Curvy is about elan in these days when "thin" is still "in." Full figured? Not part of that one percent who can starve themselves to be curvy and thin? Stand up straight and be beautiful.

Confidence is sexy.

Curvy bodies have serifs. They draw the eye and hand to movement, connecting each element to a whole. Nowhere to stop, you're pulled right up in and close and before you know it you're caught in a dimple, or in the dip of a collarbone or the question mark of a navel.

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