After writing this node I am probably going to either hang myself, kill people or I may move to North Dakota; in any eventuality way I won't be back for at least several years (if ever).

The fashion industry is the biggest fucking crock of stinking seething (and quite life-like) shit and the largest enemy that faces females today. What other business is built on destroying your self-esteem and making you feel inadequate the way you are? I am the most judgmental prick I have ever met

I find your physical vessel perfectly acceptable. Please pull forward to the second window. Thank you.

You may be asking yourself, "If he is such a judgmental prick, why would he say such a thing?". That is a fantastic question. I am stricken with a paralyzing case of "I am right, you are dumb" disease. This has absolutely nothing to do with what you wear, how big your tits are, who does your hair, if you shop at the GAP or what size waist you have.

If you are an ugly person, no amount of make-up is going to save you; why fucking bother? To look better for men? That is a concept that boggles my mind.

First of all, men are likely to not even notice and second they, as a whole, truly do not deserve such effort on your part. Women, I have found (more often than not) are trying equally hard in their efforts, to look good for other woman, if not more so than they are for men. The most amusing thing about this particular truth is that they don't even know it. While men are far too self absorbed to notice that you have stuffed your mams into a technologically advanced STUPEND-O-BRA™ (guaranteed to add 3 inches of weird squishy unpleasant foam to your supple, soft and already attractive breasts), that bitch Francine sure noticed! Did you see how she looked you up and down and rolled her eyes at you? Yeah baby, she's fuming! Eat that you two-bit plastic floozy! HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW FRANCINE?! THATS RIGHT, ROLL YOUR EYES, I'LL TEAR YOUR FUCKING WEAVE OUT BITCH!

ahem... ah-hum, excuse me. Where was I?

Oh yes, boobs. Right.

That you have them and we don't is usually enough. :P

Make-up, implants, weaves, bleaching, dying, acrylic fingernails and collagen injections, diet pills and liposuction, perfume, imported French shampoo's which are guaranteed to be tested on you instead of bunnies, deodorant soaps, plugs, roll-ons and pillow stuffing's and TAKE ME SERIOUSLY GOD DAMN IT. I am fucking not-happy about this. moJoe is fucking displeased here. This is me being miffed; see? VEXED.

And make-up, as I have stated in some other rant of mine... that is just gross. I hate kissing a girl and coming out of it wearing 15 ounces of base that doesn't even match my skin tone. That's what I want to look like after a date, a fucking mime.

SUPERMODELS... arggggh!
I see beautiful women every day. I can't tell the difference. I think my girlfriend looks better than any supermodel alive. Love is better than make-up, and it's not something that you can stuff in your bra its something you have to earn. All being superficial gets you is a superficial lover/husband/divorcee.

I'm just going nuts. I can't deal with seeing all these primped chumps any longer. I am moving to... North Dakota. They probably don't even know what lipstick is in North Dakota.

I will live out my life in shorts, tee shirts and flip-flops. I will herd goats. I will be very cold all of the time. Come get me when Cosmo goes out of business.

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