Around here (South Dakota), you will enter a world where meat goes by many names.

Why this occurs, I know not, but the fact is that you'd better pay attention when ordering one of those ground hamburger with little bits of tomato sauce served on a bun things.

I call it a BBQ. If you order a BBQ, most people will understand what the hell you want. But in some places, they call a BBQ a Tavern. Just down the road, you might find that the menu doesn't call it a tavern, but instead calls it a sloppy joe.

Drive a little further west, and you'll find signs proclaiming the lunch special to be a "new way." Even further West, and you might hear it referred to as a steam burger. In the northwestern corner of Iowa all the crazy Dutch people call it a "made right". Just across the border in Nebraska, they call it a Tastee. Further south from made right country, folks refer to their sandwiches as loose meat sandwiches.

Technically, a BBQ isn't of the same composition as a tavern. The Ma Leischner recipe for a tavern includes ground hamburger and chicken gumbo condensed soup among other things.

Some people like a little ketchup and mustard in their taverns. I do not. I subscribe to the KISS Principle so that crap can stay the hell away from the Sloppy Joe, aka Loose meat, aka new get the point.

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