I dreamt a Muslim Harem 
and pleasures divine 
midnight escapades 
with voluptuous concubine 

I bed down with three 
all exact clones of thee 
so is it infidelity? 
or multiplicity? 

smell of sesame oil 
can still melt my morals 
memories of sexual acts 
vaginal, anal, and orals 

with pagan lust 
you'd cover your bust 
with sensual oil 
my blood would boil 

vanilla nymphs of Aphrodite 
proved sexually mighty 
emerald nymphs of lore 
are great upon the floor 

Chinese concubine 
are always divine 
Japanese Geishas dressed in silk 
creamy white as milk 

French mademoiselles 
curved like liberty bells 
Greek hetaerae dressed in white 
drink love's wine through the night 

our congress rises once more 
sex with them was never a bore 
a thousand mirrors of Aspasia 
desired ones drift into fantasia 

when morning strikes 
they break like dikes 
stressed by sexual flood 
they bleed dry your imagination's blood 

evenings are glimpses of heaven 
mornings are glances of hell 
days cause the libido to swell 
'til nights when we do what is heathen, and well 

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