Goofy made his debut for Disney in the 1932 film, Mickey's Revue. His voice was created by Disney writer (and ex-circus clown) Pinto Colvig. Art Babbitt, a senior animator at the Walt Disney studio, drew Goofy (also called "the Goof" by the studio crew). Art summarized Goofy's character as such:

"Goofy was the kind of character that thought very hard and very long about everything he did. And then he did it wrong!"

The far less common skateboarding stance. It was named so by the first skaters (who were probably right handed) because when they tried to ride in this stance they felt down right goofy. If you ride goofy you have your right foot as your lead foot and leave your left foot to do the ollieing. Generally, left handed people ride goofy.

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In addition to the well-known and well-loved Disney character, "goofy" is also an adjective meaning silly. Goofiness is particularly characterized by cartoonish or exaggerated behavior. It can also mean bumbling behavior, as in a "goof-up".

Since I have discovered their wonderfully ridiculous website (, I should probably tell you that according to Kabalarian philosophy, if your name is Goofy, you may have difficulty concentrating, and often get in trouble for speaking before you think. You are popular but restless and are easily distracted.

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