An infamous and entirely underused character that made his debut, had his short career, and made his finale performance all in one short segment on Sesame Street. Such is show-biz. Champion of natural fruits and vegetables, he showed children everywhere that eating vegetables was not only good for you, but you also got to sing a groovy song! (see below)

Unfortunately, the good Captain was plagued with controversy and misunderstanding. Actually, he just looked like a large, freakish purple rabbit in a stupid superhero suit (which I believe was green). In one hand was glued a carrot, and in the other, a stalk of celery, in typical muppet fashion. He had a deep, husky, manly voice. This voice would have made him ruggedly handsome in any other body, but alas, it would not be so for our poor hero. Instead, it made him rather goofy.

All in all, I can say that Captain Vegetable had a huge impact on my childhood. For the few brief moments that he was on, I was enchanted by his amazing talents of... vegetablery. In addition to that, I learned his song, entirely, and to this day it will get stuck in my head. (What did you think the origin of this node was?)

And now, without further ado, the Captain Vegetable song!!

Captain: It is I... Captain Vegetable!
With my carrot... and my celery.
Eating vegetables... is good for me!
For teeth so strong,
My whole life long,
Eat carrots by the bunch!
It's me, Captain Vegetable...
Crunch, crunch, crunch....

Andy's Verse
Andy: My name is Andy, and I like candy!
And I eat it... whenever I can...
If it's handy... give me some candy!

(Captain's theme gets louder as he appears)
Captain: (spoken) Hello, Andy!
Andy: (spoken) Who are you?!


Eddy's Verse
Eddy: My name is Eddy, I like spaghetti!
And I eat it... whenever I can...
If it's ready... give me spaghetti!

(Captain's theme gets louder as he appears)
Captain: (spoken) Hello there!
Andy: (spoken) What are you, some kind of freak?!
Captain: (spoken) Do I look like a freak?!
(Andy looks at camera and nods wildly)


Chorus, with Eddy and Andy singing and dancing along with the Captain

Forgive any slight errors in the spoken parts of the song. It's been a while.

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