Tango is a carbonated drink produced in the UK by the soft drinks manufacturer Britvic. It is available in several fruit-based flavours.

Lemon Tango was the very tastiest of these. A fairly large proportion of the drink (7% I believe?) was made up of lemon juice. The subtle balance of the acidic and the sweet, of the sharp and the soft, has never been equalled.

However, recently they started adding lime juice to the drink. This upset the perfect blend of flavours, bringing its taste somewhere akin to stale piss. I personally will never forgive them for this. Just because they're capitalist pigs doesn't mean they can get away with screwing up my favourite drink. Dammit.

I suppose the one positive effect of this big mess is that my espresso intake has increased triple-fold. Every cloud has a silver lining. And of course there's always Citrus Sharp Polos

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