I finally got the stamps!! That means, today, well, July 5th when it finally gets here, I'll be able to send out the random snail mail that's been sitting on my shelf for the past month or more. (Note to self: browse through EMAR and get needed addy's.)

Being that it's July 4th for the next couple of hours, no one is around, and I'd be willing to wager my night will be extremely uneventful. Though, it does give me time to finish up letters and the like, possibly dance beneath the moon for a while.

It just occurred to me that eating stars might be fun, that is, if they were the consistency of say, peaches, and tasted like starfruit!

Update: It's July 5th. I'm a Crafter now.. not so infinitely exciting as I thought it might be. Get a homenode picture though.. woo. Wrote up a bunch of postycards and letters last night.. talked to a dreamy friend on AIM (stupid program but oh well) until 4am. I was tired. My neck is really sore, from something.. really tense. Maybe stress..

If I stay lucky then my tongue will stay tied, and I won't betray the things that I hide.. - Seven Mary Three

10:04 UTC

Let's see now. What shall I do with myself today? I'm just about to go to a driving lesson. Well, not go, the instructor's coming here. I hope I've not picked up any bad habits in a year of not driving. Actually I know I have, but at least the great majority of those are not to do with driving ;).

After that, I'm meeting my future employer, to talk about censored. Writing nasty proprietary code to do censored. Endless fun... At least I've got another job lined up, albeit a "menial" one, should I not do/want to do this one. Which means I can negotiate without fear of losing my job.

So that should take me up to what, 2:30-3:00UTC? I wonder what I'll do after that. I know I'll get some passport photos taken, which hopefully won't look that bad, and send of my Visa application. I'll make a doctor's appointment for injections as well, as I've been threatening for a couple of days. What then?.

Time will tell... Tell you later...

12:12 UTC 7/6

Well, my first lapse already. Didn't remember to finish writing up this node before bed. Which was at around 4.30 am today. After watching loads of TV, and looking over lots of other people's code to serve as a codebase for my new job, which BTW is all fine and done, at a reasonable, if fixed, rate. For a student at least: if I was a real programmer doing exactly the same thing I'd get more.

booyaa, Jukebox Jerky looks interesting. I'm currently thinking of doing some of the same things myself. Using CDDB info to tag and move mp3's, preferably ID3v2, and do playlist stuff etc. Do you plan on interpreting the ID3v2 tags yourself, or is there some library? I'll write more here later on today, I've got to go for that lesson now.

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sabre23t: Random Nodes

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I think I missed the Fourth of July. Life was calling from too many directions at once and I guess I couldn't tend to all my different desires. That being said, I did actually get to see my marvelous fireworks.

(Something must be said about lost childhood innocence here!)

The last I recall seeing fireworks must've been when I was about 5 years old. You can imagine the wonderment that exploded in my eyes along with the blazing night sky overhead. 12 years down the road I wanted to have that feeling again...I wanted to hold someone's protective hand and flinch at the too-bright lights and the too-loud noises...I wanted to gaze in awe as the sky begged me to join it in nebulous oblivion. But it didn't happen. I couldn't muster any sort of fascination when I saw the beaufifuly orchestrated explosions. And it was so beautiful...it was like the sky was dripping mercury at some points...or like the picture which we imagine to be the sky was being ripped in various spots by some cruel acidic chemical. My eyes were too jaded to be entertained by such novelty, though. Oh, well...

"the more you change the less you feel"

I feel that phrase in so many ways and last night was another extension of its truth in my life. (Anyway) I really wanted to node something about my lack of patriotism here yesterday. It seems rather inappropriate to do it now...too late. That makes me wonder if it really needed to be done at all. Maybe not...maybe so.

I really need to start putting the time on these day logs. I write what I'm feeling at the moment and I never edit it. My writing anxiety has somewhat cleared up (see happy smiling englightened recluse for details).

That's all. I must rest and let my thoughts collect.

--3:56 PM

Well, this is my first node from the new gig in glorious Peoria, Illinois. Actually it's after work, and I'm in between putting the new Athlon 750 they set me up with through its Halflife paces.

This place is cool. Lots of geeks!!! After three years, finally someone I can talk to who doesn't just either roll their eyes at geek speak or not understand a word I say. I talked about the ACL on our firewall with a guy for two hours today!!!

More later...

yesterday was a good fourth of july, really. we had a gourmet grill-a-thon a la craig and we had our own private fireworks show. some people across the street had gotten some big mortars from pennsylvania. upon hearing our cheers at the show they invited us over for spiked watermelon and their grand finale.

i had meant to stay the night at craig's but my incisions have been bugging me a bit so i headed home to my own bed where i would be most comfortable (though most lonely).

today i woke up, went to the store for smoothie, brought in the groceries. cleaned up a bit and got some work done. my sister invited me over for dinner and i've just gotten back. now i'm going to kick back a bit and relax. i'll get some more work done tomorrow... hopefully i'll finish the project i'm working on.

i am in better spirits after having dinner with my sis and getting a call from the man.

(my man, by the way, rules a lot. he put new wheels on my car, 15 inchers with nice rims. much better than my stock wheels with the hubcaps missing. he really wouldn't let me help him out any, and boy it was hot yesterday. he's positively wonderful to me in every way, and he knows how to do so many useful things. i am truly spoiled.)
Let's see, I did very little today. We're going to see about visiting Oakland tomorrow, and looking at some apartments there. I know it'll be a hellish commute, but it may be the only way to go to graduate school. I'd be an idiot to turn down Stanford, right? ... ? Decisions are so hard. Anyway, I promised myself a long time ago that I'd not get married until I got my Master's Degree. So I don't know how long I'd want to put it off anyway. ;p

Other than looking up the apartments online, I wrote a little poem (hearts in velvet), and went outside a while after sunset. I've never seen those shades of blue before. Like frosted cobalt, a brilliant, brilliant blue with brushstrokes of fog. Maybe it's the quality of light over the ocean, but the sight was so deep and intense. Soul-stirring.

The skies here are always intriguing.

First day back at work. Still dragging on play work, but I did write-up some edits, haven't changed the document though--still in the realm of scratches on paper, with some highlights also.

It's a midget week, 3 days, which makes Thursday the hump day.

At night went to see Bebel Gilberto, daughter of Astrud Gilberto & Joao Gilberto. That was good, but it didn't blow my mind. Her new album was produced by Amon Tobin (at least some of it). One song is her sing off a tune from his Permutation album. She works the crowd. The strap of her dress falls off her shoulder and she puts her hand over her eyes to shade the light so she can see the people in the front row. That's gotta be a Marilyn Monroe move.

Over the weekend Danielle and I watched Time of the Gypsies directed by Emir Kusturica (who really needs to be noded, but I don't have time right now). His film Underground is one of my all-time favorites, and I own a copy and happen to be taking it to work today to lend a friend. The point was in Time of the Gypsies the jerk gangster tells Perhan's sister that the operation (which she never receives) will give her "legs like Marilyn Monroe". There are links everywhere (not just on E2}). I like links.

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