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December 12, 2002
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I swung back by, first time in forever. I miss everything, but damn robots been whittling away at my well-wrought nodes while I wuz gone.

No promises I'll be back often. At this point it's a treat for me to read my ramblings from nigh-on 7 years ago.

These days you can find me at:

life good. girl, job, house, and still making comedy & theater happen in betweensies.

oh everything, I will always love you. thought the fever-rush of that first passionate fling seems a far away thing, and I don't think it can quite be recaptured.


the third man on the left stairs

himself at himself
You enter, rupt, gress and situate.
I enter, rupt, gress and situate.
We enter, rupt, gress and situate.
They enter, rupt, gress and situate?

this space intentionally left-half blanc.

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