A text-only (but not curses-based) WWW browser for Unix variants, written by Mikulas Patocka.

It is similar to w3m in quality and features, which improve upon lynx in several ways.

Tables and frames are formatted very nicely: the page is shown incrementally and reformatting happens when the containing window is resized.

Mouse support (optionally present in newer lynx versions) is another very handy feature.

Links also handles FTP well and offers the option to process downloads in the background.

Javascript support is under development.

links is still a small program, and fast, as you might expect from a text-based browser.

Links (?), n. [The pl. form of Link, but often construed as a sing.]

A tract of ground laid out for the game of golf; a golfing green.

A second links has recently been opened at Prestwick, and another at Troon, on the same coast.
P. P. Alexander.


© Webster 1913

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