yesterday was a good fourth of july, really. we had a gourmet grill-a-thon a la craig and we had our own private fireworks show. some people across the street had gotten some big mortars from pennsylvania. upon hearing our cheers at the show they invited us over for spiked watermelon and their grand finale.

i had meant to stay the night at craig's but my incisions have been bugging me a bit so i headed home to my own bed where i would be most comfortable (though most lonely).

today i woke up, went to the store for smoothie, brought in the groceries. cleaned up a bit and got some work done. my sister invited me over for dinner and i've just gotten back. now i'm going to kick back a bit and relax. i'll get some more work done tomorrow... hopefully i'll finish the project i'm working on.

i am in better spirits after having dinner with my sis and getting a call from the man.

(my man, by the way, rules a lot. he put new wheels on my car, 15 inchers with nice rims. much better than my stock wheels with the hubcaps missing. he really wouldn't let me help him out any, and boy it was hot yesterday. he's positively wonderful to me in every way, and he knows how to do so many useful things. i am truly spoiled.)