10:04 UTC

Let's see now. What shall I do with myself today? I'm just about to go to a driving lesson. Well, not go, the instructor's coming here. I hope I've not picked up any bad habits in a year of not driving. Actually I know I have, but at least the great majority of those are not to do with driving ;).

After that, I'm meeting my future employer, to talk about censored. Writing nasty proprietary code to do censored. Endless fun... At least I've got another job lined up, albeit a "menial" one, should I not do/want to do this one. Which means I can negotiate without fear of losing my job.

So that should take me up to what, 2:30-3:00UTC? I wonder what I'll do after that. I know I'll get some passport photos taken, which hopefully won't look that bad, and send of my Visa application. I'll make a doctor's appointment for injections as well, as I've been threatening for a couple of days. What then?.

Time will tell... Tell you later...

12:12 UTC 7/6

Well, my first lapse already. Didn't remember to finish writing up this node before bed. Which was at around 4.30 am today. After watching loads of TV, and looking over lots of other people's code to serve as a codebase for my new job, which BTW is all fine and done, at a reasonable, if fixed, rate. For a student at least: if I was a real programmer doing exactly the same thing I'd get more.

booyaa, Jukebox Jerky looks interesting. I'm currently thinking of doing some of the same things myself. Using CDDB info to tag and move mp3's, preferably ID3v2, and do playlist stuff etc. Do you plan on interpreting the ID3v2 tags yourself, or is there some library? I'll write more here later on today, I've got to go for that lesson now.