E2 Client Developers (clientdev)

  • Do you think the Java Chatterbox is lame, and think you can do better?
  • Do you like the E2 node tracker, but think it can be improved?
  • Does your computer catch on fire from all the super buggy pre-alpha quality software you test?
  • Are you fluent in the programming language Ada?

If you said yes to any of those questions (except the last one - you need serious help if you know Ada that well), join clientdev so everyone can share in the misery together.

Registered Clients

(See here for more information as to what this is about)

E2 Explorer0.9.20080903 beta
E2 Flash Chatterbox Client0.8
E2 Link and Logger Client1.0.0.0 c
E2 Mobile Interface1.0
GTK+1.2 Catbox Client0.1beta
Java chatterbox client0.1.12.1beta
Mattbox: Mac OS X Chatterbox Client0.
Mattpad: Mac OS X Offline Scratchpad0.1
Mozilla chatterbox client0.3.1
notelet catbox enhancer0.9beta
Notelet Nodelet Chatterbox Client0.3
Notelet Nodelet Squawkbox Client1.0 RFC
The Project0.1

Things to (eventually) come:

  1. make debates work for general groups
  2. list of people, their programming language, the platform, and the project

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