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It is religious, like cathedral.
Caffeine for Mind.
Pizza for Body.
Sushi for Soul.
-- Userfriendly 15th May 1999

Places where elem_125 has got postcards from (as determined by postmark), recorded for posterity
Tampa, Florida - Thank you Segnbora-t!
Sunnyvale, California - That wonderfull state :)
Cincinnati, Ohio - Ummmmm.... corn?
Swindon, UK - It had hand drawn pictures on it :)
Victoria, Australia - Twas Black and White, except the stamp
Quebec, Canada - I think its from Quebec, it has french on it.

I suppose that I like daylogs for their very ordinariness. They're so human. In a shrine to intellectualism such as this, the presence of real, mediocre humanity is reassuring and ... (shudder) ... life-affirming. This is a community packed with monoliths of intelligence, knowledge and understanding. It's easy to forget beneath all this that there are real, bleeding hearts. Call me morbid or voyeuristic or just plain odd, but after a hard session trying to get my head round people people people like like like people or ariels' latest piece of math theory I find it refreshing to read these enchantingly simple and even banal contributions. It's easy to forget sometimes that E2 is people, and daylogs remind me of this. So, thank you, dayloggers.
-- darl, November 27, 2002

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3C! Coffee (tied) 1
3C! Game theory (tied) 1
November 21, 2002 3
9C! Ways to overthrow a government 4
November 17, 2002 5

5 Least Voted-Upon Writeups
1 (tied) Emek Refyim
1 (tied) oleh
3 (tied) Sweet and Spicy Chicken Noodles
3 (tied) BZFlag
5 (tied) Modeh Ani 1C!
5 (tied) Converting ASCII to Base-64
5 (tied) babble
5 (tied) Nokia 6310

5 Highest Goodness Writeups
1C! Psion 1
9C! Ways to overthrow a government 2
1C! Cloak and Dagger 3
2C! email (tied) 4
1C! boffin (tied) 4

5 Lowest Goodness Writeups
1 November 17, 2002
2 You can tell a lot about a person from their e-mail address 1C!
3 Constructing a Mega Oreo
4 Noder's Block
5 November 21, 2002

5 Most Reputable Writeups
3C! Game theory 1
3C! Coffee 2
9C! Ways to overthrow a government 3
1C! Cloak and Dagger 4
2C! Fountain pen 5

5 Least Reputable Writeups
1 (tied) Tea tree oil
1 (tied) Emek Refyim
3 (tied) Union of Jewish Students 1C!
3 (tied) Kaoka Chocolate
3 (tied) Polish Butterfly
3 (tied) BZFlag
3 (tied) Sweet and Spicy Chicken Noodles

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