Thats what I'm sure we all say when we just sit there thinking "what can I node thats original?" and no ideas come out. This is the dreaded Noders Block. But what can you do about it???

In my feeble atempt to overcome my noders block I came up with a few ideas to help me think of things to node. So being the nice person that I want you to think I am, I'm going to share them.

Look around your desk

This may sound really stupid, but it's not. If you look around your desk you'll probably find at least half a dozen things there that you could node about. For example if I look on my desk right now I can see the following things I could node:

and the list goes on....

Go for a walk

Seriously, go get some fresh air and sunlight, all those nights in front of the monitor are bad for you. Also you might just walk by a shop and think "That shop is so cool I've just got to node it...". Or you'll see someone with a weird-ass hairstyle and you'll want to node it. The change of scenery will do you good anyway.

Buy a NoteBook

Notebooks are good. They are 100% portable and you only need a pen to use them. This makes them ideal for use to write down ideas for nodes when you are out and about and you have a brainburp. I've found that these odd ideas can strike you at any time and if you don't write them down then they just go and vanish. The oddest idea I didn't write down was a weird, weird dream about google and 10-Dimentional data structures. That was a fucked up dream.

Those aren't the only things you can do, but its a start. You can also do things like staring at your bookshelf and noding your favorite book. Or node that essay you've got to write for school (see Node your homework). All you need to do is break out of that loop of noding dispair. The more you think about not being able to think of a new node, the harder it is to node anew.

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