UJS stands for the Union of Jewish Students

UJS was started in the early 1970's to challenge anti-semitism and racism on campuses in the UK. Since then it has grown into an organisation with over 5000 members at over 120 different universities and colleges around the country. It also has 10 members of full time staff, 8 of whom are recent graduates who are elected for a one year term of office.

As the organisation has grown its goals have changed and developed. The main aim of UJS nowdays is to create a positive Jewish atmosphere for university students. UJS does this primarily by supporting J-Socs (Jewish Societies) at various universities. It supports J-Socs both by providing training for their committees and by supplying resources to them, be it in the form of financial help or by providing educational resources, or even by helping J-Socs to find speakers to come and talk to them. By joining a university Jewish Society you automaticly become a member of UJS.

UJS also runs national events. Its main event is its annual conference, held in December, which attracts over 400 students. Conference is the place where policy is debated and where its National Portfolio and sabbatical officers are elected. Its also a chance to socalise with Jews from different parts of the country and attend educational sessions.

On a slightly smaller scale UJS also runs regional events, as the country is spilt up into several geographical regions. These are normally weekend events and are a chance to get to know the members of J-Socs at universities near you.

UJS has no set religious or political agenda. It tries to maintain an atmosphere where all types of Jewish students can feel comfortable. On national events there are up to four or five different services offered. There will normally be at least an orthodox, masorti, reform and liberal service.

For more information look at: http://www.ujs-online.co.uk/

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