Notelet Nodelet

The Notelet Nodelet has been greeted with much joy and adoration. You can now make notes to yourself, add images and external links and all kinds of lovely HTML to each and every page on e2. Obviously, only you can see it, but that makes it perfect for cute little JavaScript utilities which are good to write and even better to share.

Useful Utilities

Head over to your Notelet Editor to add some of these notelet nodelet utilities...

Aspiring Authors

If you're trying to write one, or wondering what to write, you might get some more inspiration from call's E2 Bookmarklets, or any of the bookmarklets linked from the bookmarklet node.

If you have written one, but are having trouble with angle brackets and need help formatting it correctly, try the E2 Source Code Formatter or, if you crave power and complexity, the Magical Text Formatter.

Notelet Nuking

If you have problems with your notelet (i.e. if you play so much that you break something) you can normally press 'Back' to sort it out. If that doens't work, try this tip from ascorbic
(where '' is any e2 domain you have a cookie on)... that'll nuke your notelet and let you start again

Errors or omissions? you know what to do

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