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I am sitting here writing, noding, listening to music and basically in my own world. And I am happy in this moment, feeling inspired for the calmer part of my evening. I have about a half hour left before I should think about getting ready for bed. I've taken my last St. John's Wort for the day and I'm trying to keep my legs propped so the box fan can reach them. I wiggle my toes.

It would be a perfect time for you to walk in almost silently, though I'd catch you in the corner of my eye. For you to put your hands on my shoulders, lean over and kiss me on my forehead. For you to look me in the eyes, taking my focus briefly off this paragraph, and smile. Then turn and go back into the other room, where you were reading a book. For you to just appear in this world for just that moment.

Must say I'm feeling pretty good today. I got mentioned in a node. Yup, The superiority of the alphabet. Rather interesting topic. The really cool thing is that the author of said node is none other that DMan himself. Not only that, but it looks like one of my writeups was the direct precursor to DMan's little patriotic rant. Very cool.

I don't think there are any hard feelings, the idea that a culture needs acronyms in order to advance technologically is absurd. I'm sure DMan understood that it was a joke. What I enjoy is that one of my little nodes sparked such an emotional response from a fellow noder. That's one of the things I most enjoy about Everything. The expression, the feeling. Controversy helps too.

There's a nodeshell too I assumed that masterYoshi was being Ironic. Neat.

Things are not going according to plan, but that does not mean that they are not going well.

Spent most of the day searching for sturdier foundations after a key plank in my platform decided it would be better for all involved to stop lending its support. Said somewhat opposite-of-belated good-byes to a good friend, made arrangements for a surrogate upon their departure. Ennumerated things I was aware of having once enjoyed but having forgotten the experience of (paramount among such wrestling in the grass, falling asleep with people both in person - instead of remaining acutely awake, watching them with one eye for eight hours - and falling asleep on the phone. Felt really bad watching a roommate interact with his girlfriend-of-six-years. Not resentful, not jealous, but something akin to realizing you've spent half your life speaking without using any words containing the letter "e" in them. Being a crazy French writer is cool but lonely, I hear.

I suspect this all describes yesterday but don't particularly care. I will make time jump through my hoops, linear or not.

People have been talking about me when I'm not around. This is good. This gives me grounds for existing again, for living up to expectations as opposed to living down to a state of obscurity or whatever-happened-to-ity.

Tomorrow is a busy day; tomorrow I will get things done; meeting pasta bicycle fixering mail hiking-swimming-laundry. I woke up a roommate with Randy Newman, but damn it, I'm not ashamed.

Sex, death and love all have new companions, slutty little nodes that they are (check past day logs or /dev/null node9 for an inkling at what I'm referring to) to which I can't arbitrarily assign any particular significance in this state of awakeness.

When I wake up it is very very likely that I will possess godly XP, sufficient upon the next refresh (unless you orchestrate now a concerted and systematic effort to keep me down...) to be dubbed E2's first user of Godhead level. What comes after Godhead? (Would Deborah909 have any good suggestions?) I am tempted to treat it like ascention and never come back again, but then how would I fill the big hole in the center of my life ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H ^H^H^H^H^H all this time?

I am not a donut.

This is my 4500th node. Sleep now.

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

14:27 EET

No confirmation for my minidisc player order. Are they trying to save electricity by not replying e-mails? For all I know the unit could be sold out, and I hate not knowing whether I should expect the package tomorrow or in 5 weeks. Being an impatient person can suck sometimes. :)

Kenata isn't the only one experiencing network related problems. The problem with my workstation's network adapter - about which I have been whining several times in my diary node - is back to drive me crazy. There are no vacant cards available at the office, and nodoby is able to fix this. Fortunately, some particular actions that cause the symptoms to occur have been found, so I'm doing my best to avoid them.

It's almost 14:30 already? The workday seems so short when one arrives at the office at 11:30.
No, wait.. it is short.
But I doubt I could survive 9 to 5 for several weeks in a row, at least without a huge paycheck. I need a sufficient amount of sleep, and who the hell would go to bed (to sleep) before 1 o'clock?
I: woke up early. Discovered I bought the wrong size batteries for my GPS system. Continued packing the car. Logged on to note lost experience--some idiot got offended by my statement of fact regarding women drivers. Machismo is just another word for insecurity--real men don't feel the need to put down women all the time.

And yeah, I noticed that about China too. I saw 4 or 5 car accidents/pedestrian/bicycle accidents last time I was there. If it's notyour own family, in China, you just don't get involved.
I must be delusional. On Sunday I thought I was a mere 9 writeups until level 3, but it seems I still need 13. Oh well.

The weather is depressing me today and yet I can't stop staring out my window. The sky is a pasty white/gray color and it's considerably cooler today than it has been lately. What to do.

more to come later as I do not feel like typing right now.

Ugh. Back at work today after a little break... Part of this break was the Memorial Day holiday... part of it was a sort of impromptu hangover thing after my birthday.

So this is one of those Tuesdays that feels like a Monday. And I'm at a company that is dying. It's a young company and it's dying quickly. I helped make this place... the only person wandering around these systems longer than me is the President.

This sucks. Too depressed to continue write-up... Should probably move it to a relevant node anyway...

I lay outside in the sun like a lazy cat all afternoon, and I've got the dandelion stains to prove it. School was far from my mind; replaced by the grass next to my face. The anticipation of a great veggie burger was enough to keep me content for hours.

Just another one of those times that makes you wonder why clothes were invented in the first place.

I wake with the alarm at 5:45, but play alarm tag 'til about 6:20. (By the clock. Actually, that's more like 6:10 because I also play the game where I try to pretend I don't know that I have set my clock "fast".) I didn't fall asleep until after midnight, because I let my sleep cycle go all to hell over the long weekend, playing Heroes of Might & Magic III, drinking coffee and smoking dope. That would be my traditional Memorial Day weekend, then. Other people paint or spring-clean or travel; I decay.
My stomach is in mild rebellion over too much dinner, eaten too close to bedtime. Breakfast, nevertheless, is my customary egg-and-cheese sandwich. I invest in a corn muffin ("luv in every bite") as well, intending it for lunch.
Lunch turns out to be a nap in my car. The corn muffin goes in my backpack (because purses for men just haven't caught on yet, dammit), for dinner. Spray paint vapor makes breathing "interesting" shortly before quittin' time.
What I was supposed to do: bring the Shadow in for inspection (3rd time). Groceries or laundromat or hardware store; or clean bathroom or vacuum kitchen. What I actually did: sign up for a freeatlast.com account, determine that a reboot seems to make my old Concentric dialup behave better, and node. Oh yeah, that corn muffin gets it in the end, too. Music to compute by: Ministry's Psalm 69 and Bach's Two-Part and Three-Part Inventions in a randomly shuffled playlist.
"I used to be a superhero.
I would swoop down, and save me from myself.
But you were like a phone booth
I somehow stumbled into.
Now look at me:
I am just like everybody else."

-Ani Difranco

I went to see a doctor, today, a routine 2-year physical. Nothing wrong with me. Afterwards I realized that part of me wanted something to be wrong with me. It would give me some kind of reason, a reason why I seem to be less than I thought I was.

(Probably I'm more, in other directions.)

Instead, I told him about little things I had noticed, but he said they were all nothing to worry about. Blood pressure is a bit high, though -- nothing to worry about, but come back in a month and we'll check it again. I got the strange impression he was there to take care of my car or washing machine, not to take care of me. A repairman for my body, not a healer. Friends do more for my health, it seems.

I sat in the garden on the roof of the Rideau Centre. I saw a female sunbathing. I looked at her, and it was beautiful. No particular sexual attraction -- I wouldn't have talked to her -- I just thought it was nice to look at.

I've started reading The Illuminatus Trilogy again, now that I've found a bookstore that sells Robert Anton Wilson. I recommend it for anyone who wants their reality challenged.

Today, acting on the advice of my parents (My dad especially, since he didn't want me to come home screaming and kicking a cooler into his leg again), stayed home from work. My, that was relaxing.

I finally decided that staying within Meijer might be the best idea, but in a different department, in a different store. Namely, the store down the street. From what I've heard, the attitude there is much more lax than at mine. It might have something to do with all of the employees from my Meijer abandoning ship over to that one.

Unfortunately, this means that I'll have to go through formal protocols to get this done. That means at least two more weeks of hell before the true end of me working at Meijer #63.

Incidentally, my cousin replied to my E-Mail about my working over there (a tech firm) as an intern. They require a major standing in college first. Bugger it all.

Time to sleep. Work starts early tomorrow. I am now completely convinced that my current managers are completely incompetent or insane. Now, it's a matter of figuring out which.

There existed a moment today when i suddenly felt as if i was channeling the spirt of Nick Carraway, the fictional character from The Great Gatsby. I feel from this I can draw two conclusions.
  1. This english stuff is infecting my brain.
  2. The realization I really don't truly like most of the people I know.

There exists this strange method of how I integrate myself into a social system. All throughout my life, I seem to be hovering always between the geek crowd, which I usually identify the greatest with, and I really think sci/tech/computers ect. are really cool. That, and the rest of the "normal world", or the non-geeks and/or "in crowd" (Frankly, labels or any kind tend to make me cringe, so I use them now only with the need for description). Maybe this is why the clique lines so often described by people I always seem have trouble distinguishing. I always thought it was my enviroment was unique, but maybe not.

Also, this brings into question of "introvert" vs "extrovert". Something I never liked, or personality tests in general, because they too easily classify people not in too broad of catagories, but operate under the assumption of static condition/response rules. I am an introvert? I'd say yes. Am I an extrovert? I'd say yes too. The reason I never liked them is, from trying to observe my past behaviors, I will change my fundamental personality traits (based on the usual classifications used) on anywhere from an hourly to several year basis.

Then again, can I even accurately judge my own behavior? However, are not I the only one who really knows for sure what I'm thinking? Or maybe... ... ... I'm just going crazy?

The wacky shit you think of in the shower while waiting for your underwear to dry. I'm tired though.. so, g'night

Since we slept only four hours the night before, we tried to pass out around 1000, but got mentally worked up around 1100. I read the New York Times Magazine; Y checked email. Told Y that I've been feeling like one slack-ass mf lately, and which led into a brief discussion about what constitutes a "life," as in "you need a life," etc. Apparently reading about TCP/IP doesn't count.

a new motto: "I can't think, but I'm drinking coffee."

pissy, obligatory tasks I need to do: health insurance, laundry, the cleaners, 5 gifts (2 birthdays, father's day (2), anniversary), moving, doctor's appt. Friday. And the eyeworks place: "We've had your replacement lens since November. Would you call us or come in to pick it up? You're not seeing as well as you could." So, yeah, I've procrastinated for 7 months, but they don't have an answering machine and don't open until 11. Pfft.

what I want to do: Learn how to use my Canon better and take more photographs (esp. with the zoom lens).

Spent today (which happens to have rolled over to yesterday when I am writing this) fidgeting with the part of the application I'm working on that forks a new JVM for each processor in the RS/6000. It seems that DB/2 doesn't like the thought of more than one JVM using the JDBC libs, even if the database is set to 'SHARE'. Stupid. I'll try duplicating the JDBC libs and having each subsystem calling their own copy of it tomorrow.

After being away for some days on a company-sponsored vacation, H returned from Ukraine early this morning and had to leave for work almost immediately (the company giveth, and the company taketh away), but managed to find some time for a latte with me after work before going home to unpack her stuff and get some sleep. Much talk of going to the movies, but it was hard finding a date when me, H and J had the evening off. Hm, maybe this weekend.

I also did some much-needed laundering. Yay, two clean white shirts.

Today's Soundtrack; Some Aimee Mann from the Magnolia soundtrack.

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