Spent today (which happens to have rolled over to yesterday when I am writing this) fidgeting with the part of the application I'm working on that forks a new JVM for each processor in the RS/6000. It seems that DB/2 doesn't like the thought of more than one JVM using the JDBC libs, even if the database is set to 'SHARE'. Stupid. I'll try duplicating the JDBC libs and having each subsystem calling their own copy of it tomorrow.

After being away for some days on a company-sponsored vacation, H returned from Ukraine early this morning and had to leave for work almost immediately (the company giveth, and the company taketh away), but managed to find some time for a latte with me after work before going home to unpack her stuff and get some sleep. Much talk of going to the movies, but it was hard finding a date when me, H and J had the evening off. Hm, maybe this weekend.

I also did some much-needed laundering. Yay, two clean white shirts.

Today's Soundtrack; Some Aimee Mann from the Magnolia soundtrack.