I wake with the alarm at 5:45, but play alarm tag 'til about 6:20. (By the clock. Actually, that's more like 6:10 because I also play the game where I try to pretend I don't know that I have set my clock "fast".) I didn't fall asleep until after midnight, because I let my sleep cycle go all to hell over the long weekend, playing Heroes of Might & Magic III, drinking coffee and smoking dope. That would be my traditional Memorial Day weekend, then. Other people paint or spring-clean or travel; I decay.
My stomach is in mild rebellion over too much dinner, eaten too close to bedtime. Breakfast, nevertheless, is my customary egg-and-cheese sandwich. I invest in a corn muffin ("luv in every bite") as well, intending it for lunch.
Lunch turns out to be a nap in my car. The corn muffin goes in my backpack (because purses for men just haven't caught on yet, dammit), for dinner. Spray paint vapor makes breathing "interesting" shortly before quittin' time.
What I was supposed to do: bring the Shadow in for inspection (3rd time). Groceries or laundromat or hardware store; or clean bathroom or vacuum kitchen. What I actually did: sign up for a freeatlast.com account, determine that a reboot seems to make my old Concentric dialup behave better, and node. Oh yeah, that corn muffin gets it in the end, too. Music to compute by: Ministry's Psalm 69 and Bach's Two-Part and Three-Part Inventions in a randomly shuffled playlist.