Today, acting on the advice of my parents (My dad especially, since he didn't want me to come home screaming and kicking a cooler into his leg again), stayed home from work. My, that was relaxing.

I finally decided that staying within Meijer might be the best idea, but in a different department, in a different store. Namely, the store down the street. From what I've heard, the attitude there is much more lax than at mine. It might have something to do with all of the employees from my Meijer abandoning ship over to that one.

Unfortunately, this means that I'll have to go through formal protocols to get this done. That means at least two more weeks of hell before the true end of me working at Meijer #63.

Incidentally, my cousin replied to my E-Mail about my working over there (a tech firm) as an intern. They require a major standing in college first. Bugger it all.

Time to sleep. Work starts early tomorrow. I am now completely convinced that my current managers are completely incompetent or insane. Now, it's a matter of figuring out which.