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Time: Sat, 2 Sep 2000 00:27:41 GMT
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Another day is on it's way, full of work and sweat. But somehow the next day will make this all good ! Today I'll keep my writeup short, as there is more to do than just reading everything (which is becoming impossible anyway because it is becoming so BIG)

Heard about a righteous hack the other day committed by a friend of hubster's. The perpetrator of this gem shall remain nameless for what should be obvious reasons...

Before I begin, let me just state that I normally DO NOT condone the trashing of sites, but these assholes are one serious exception! Hey, these mental mutants make the KKK look like choir boys...

The hack: http://www.stormfront.org
  • First, our hero skillfully managed to have the organization's power supply cut off for 2-3 days...
  • Next, their servers were... ummmm... played with...
  • Then, a redirect was put on the site, sending all visitors to...
    (drum roll, please)
    The Black Panthers!!!
Sadly, the racists are back up to speed... :o{
2:52am. Just can't sleep. Sometimes I find myself staring at the computer screen, not really seeing it, for long periods of time on end, waiting...

I should be used to this feeling by now. I'm sure a lot of people should be. It's so weird that everyone is so lonely. You'd think with all the lonely people in the world they'd get together and just stop being lonely. Nothing ever works that easily, though. Gosh, we're sure demented. I just don't get it.

I'm so tired. I feel so old sometimes. Old and worn out and just exhausted with the same feelings over and over. So unable to escape them. I don't even care who reads this right now. I don't even care. I'm so fucking tired and I need to vent somewhere or I'll just keep crying and crying and wishing someone would ask how I am and actually mean it.

Too tired to even sleep.

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Ah, E2, the ultimate procrastination tool!

I'm supposed to be washing and packing clothes for travelling to Amsterdam on monday. But instead I'm here, noding away as usual.

I need more clothes. At the moment, I have a couple of pairs of combats and some t-shirts. I need that ever elusive smart casual wear, generic polo shirts that display a small corporate logo and smart trousers that aren't part of a suit.

I've discovered geekcorps at geekcorps.org

There's a part of me that has always wanted to just divest myself of worldy belongings and help third-world peoples to use technology. I can't imagine that this is an original thought, but it's an attractive one nevertheless...

13:35 BST

I have discovered E2 dream symbols this should be a quest or something. I want to interpret my dreams! (except the silly ones)

Prolly more later...

OK so it's been a beautiful spring Saturday.

After driving Gemma to work (way out in the sticks, today) and getting somewhat lost finding the right spot to deposit her, Molly and I made our way back to Kingston at speed for coffee and sunshine. We both enjoyed a fresh-baked blueberry muffin and damn fine espresso. Then to get the papers, to the supermarket, then the fruit, veggies, and delicatessen from the markets. Home for a glorious day of nothing except e2, A Taxing Woman, and an afternoon nap.

Have enjoyed the nodage of WolfDaddy and domaindudu.

This evening, had another tutoring session with an old friend, basically teaching remedial maths. I'm accustomed to training lots of folks in techy things, but basic maths is making parts of my brain really stretch and work.

Tomorrow brings another day, hopefully as peaceful as today.

Today's interest: dracopolitics.



Well, I'm getting better. I think.

The mail server is still down. Drats drats.

Weird Stuff Everywhere, Part n+10: Looks like Memepool mangled my submission a bit to sillier direction (I said the Chick classic was "put to web", not published - it's a 1984 tract, anyway), but the links were there...

(I'm not complaining, just found it odd - I usually rather let them edit my submissions rather than rejecting them...)

The Sidewinder 3D Pro driver in Windoze is not funny. Not funny. Not funny at all. In order to use it, I need to

  1. open the input device dialog,
  2. go to advanced settings and
  3. guess in which device number it might work today
  4. (repeat ad nauseam or until the joystick is found)

Today's XMMS skin: GTK+ - this is actually a bit slick. Now, if it'd actually look like my GTK+ theme... =( It's readable and looks like it looks, that's important.


Blah, this drivel isn't extremely readable... You know, it's chilling to go to sleep, thinking that I can't write...

Well, I might as well tell what I did earlier today: I mucked around with the keyboard, inspired by this :CueCat thing that's apparently under discussion in the States.

As told previously, I have a multimediagurukeyboard, and I'm working on the key bindings for X11/WindowMaker.

These are the key combos that this keyboard (Fujutsu/Siemens, model SEM-M2A if I can read the markings correctly) generates (M = Meta, C = Control, A = Alt):

CD player control:
Vol up:
Vol down:
M+C+A+n (this messed the terminal window... =)
Three bigger buttons:
Smaller buttons:
(Coffee Cup):

xev is your friend. =)


I should be sleeping... but who cares. My trip to the world of dracopolitics continues this night - and it's still as interesting as in, oh, back in 1996-1997 when I first heard of this stuff.

I wonder why I have been noding a few Latin phrases recently... I don't even know Latin. " Hmm... "The shorter one likes to talk in foreign languages he doesn't understand." - news anchor lady in one "Pekka ja Pätkä" movie

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today: Love Thy Neighbor! D&D Summa summarum dracopolitics & SATAN Falcon 4.0 burger game

(Surpising note: SATAN doesn't refer to dracopolitics this time... =)

Last night I played chess and pool till almost 4:30. It was nice to finally get my butt kicked in chess again...I love a challenge.

The unfortunate thing about last night is that Bahloo (my cat) ran away. I spent the morning walking around my new neighborhood looking for him but there was no sign. I walked all the way to the highway figuring he'd probably be heading east trying to go back to the only home he's ever known but once again there was no sign. He's never run away before, but I guess the smells and sounds of the new neighborhood probably confused him. I feel so guilty for losing him.

On the upside, I now know the location of every single mango and orange tree in my neighborhood...
Synopsis: melancholy and bored.

A drizzly grey long weekend stretches before me and I have nothing to do. My life is empty. I don't have a clique to pal around with here in Toronto, and the few people I know have gone with their SO's to various cottages and tourist-worthy attractions stateside. I might node a few things, watch a video, play with my cat.

Was intending to go to the YMCA for a deep-water aquaerobics class but I woke up too late and besides I used to go just to keep my mother company but she can't go anymore because she's too sick. It depresses me to go alone and tell her pool buddies about her declining health. Hell, I guess I am depressed anyway. She's sleeping right now, as she does every afternoon, and my dad is reading the newspaper.

If I were in London I'd probably be hanging out with my friends at a pub, getting butterflies at the thought of going out dancing and all the possibilities therein. Or maybe we'd be in the Algarve which is actually where they all are right now, sitting on a topless beach, having a laugh, pulling our shirts on, drinking beer, and putting off going back to the sandy van to clean up and dress for dinner.

Or, if things had gone according to plan, I'd be unpacking my bags in Montreal, preparing for school to start again, seeing people I know and asking how their summer was. I deferred this term because last term I was so upset about being far away from my parents, who I thought needed me. The thought of selfishly living on my own and leading a lazy academic life didn't seem right if my mum only had a few months to live. But who knows how long it will be? She seems okay, but the doctor says "by Christmas". I hope I can go back to school in January, but I don't want my mum to die that soon. I'm wondering if I made the right decision.

Living with my parents in here Toronto can be dull and thankless. They don't really need for much except someone to do the chores, and although I carry out my duties smilingly this isn't what I'd envisioned for myself at this point in my life. They don't like it when I stay out late, I can't go anywhere overnight unless it's a trip outstation, and every time I come or go I have to report on my movements. I'm not used to this: I went to boarding school for the latter half of my teen years and then straight to university, and at that point my parents lived in another hemisphere and I was so free, free, free...

Now it's utterly different. We share a small apartment and get in each other's way. I am trying to forsake what I once found "exciting", for my own physical and mental well-being, and also to avoid my parents' ire, but I'm not adapting well. Living with my parents makes me regress. I really wish I knew more people in this city. I feel like a loser with no one to talk to and nothing to do. I could node some book or other but that seems like NFN, and I don't really want to resort to that just yet. E2 hasn't eaten my brain but I can see that it will, someday. I think I'll go rent a video now or maybe just back to bed. Toying with the thought of little blue pills. If this state of mind doesn't change pretty soon, I might just.

Well, the Texas Aggies played Notre Dame today in their football (American football, not soccer) season opener. Noter Dame was ahead when time ran out, after trailing for most of the first half. The final score was 24-10. (hissssssss).

It's been around 100-110 degrees F outside, and about 90 inside for the last week. Except for a sprinkle last night, we haven't had any rain since June. Gack, I wish I could live in Alaska for the next few weeks.

Funny story of the day: I ran across "the big red everything2 stop button" nodeshell early (too early) this morning, and added a semi-humerous writeup. When I looked at noon, it was voted up to 11, and c!ed. heh...

Well today was just one of those days when it just wasn’t worth chewing through the ropes. It started out pretty good I got up, always a good sign. I got myself talked into each breakfast out at the local IHOP. That went pretty well. I got made fun of because I order the eggs and bacon. Well you can get eggs and bacon from IHOP with sausage instead of bacon. So I said “I would like the eggs and bacon but with sausage.” The people I was with thought this was just one of the funniest things ever. Even the waitress decided to poke fun at me for me. But if you can’t laugh at yourself then you need to lighten up.
Latter on today my football team the fighting Texas Aggies started off the football season. And lost. Not only did they loose they lost badly 24 to 10 to the Notre Dame. There goes the ranking. Anyway after that let down I spent most of the rest of the day noding on everything and upset that hobbes.resnet.tamu.edu is down. See the link for the story on that one. I did get a node cooled. Something that to this day I feel well cool when it happens. I’m spending tonight working on my game New Horizons. It’s an RPG I’ve been programming for about 3 years or so.

Wow. Long day. I can't beleive my store did over five thousand dollars in sales today. Sometimes it amazes me just how many people out there need cucumber melon lotion in their lives. My nipples hurt. I'm not exactly sure why, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I went out dancing with friends last night and ended up on stage, freaking like a crack monkey on ecstasy. Needless to say, I'm exhausted...but strangely content. I mean, yeah, I'm sore, but I had fun. Fun is important. Fun makes us happy, which is even more important. This is why I like dancing.

I don't know what it is, but there's something about dancing that just drives me. You walk into a club or a rave or a house where the music just suddenly picks you up and sends you bouncing along the beat. Before you know it, you're moving your body in ways you wouldn't dare in public, as lights swirl and jump around you and your fellow revellers. It's electric. You feel something inside you let go as the music swallows your body and soul until nothing matters except that the songs keep coming. Which they do, of course, and along with them this incredible energy that flows through everyone like a siren's voice, beckoning you to dance and forget the trivialities that are life.

Eventually the music stops (usually at 2AM in Los Angeles), and everyone flows through the tiny doors of the nightclub and into the street. You look around, and suddenly you can smell pizza, cigarettes, exhaust fumes, everything. You walk back into the living, breathing world that is the city, and for a few delerious moments, feel more alive than ever before.

Then your nipples hurt.

...continued from last time

Jody left his house. Ran down the hill weilding a large kitchen knife and a potato pealer.

He caught up with Paul, Simon, John and the girl. Jody went all crazy and wanted to kill Macky. Even though it was 3:30am in the Sunday morning. Seriously. If Jody succeeded, things would have been quite interesting......


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