Jack Chick is a Christian writer and cartoonist who is resposible for the famous Chick Tract (and several longer comics and normal books as well).

In school Jack was a middling student who tended to doodle more than anything else. He was well known for his dirty mouth and the fact that he failed the first grade. After high school Jack studied acting, went into the Army, and then finally went back and studied acting again.

It was in his second time around at the Pasadena Playhouse that he met his wife Lynn (who died in 1998). Lynn was a Christian, but Jack wasn't. But that soon changed, as Jack was saved while listening to a radio program during his honeymoon.

Jack then went on to work for the AstroScience Corporation. He began writing Christian material on his own, but he had to finance it himself because he was unable to find a publisher.

The famous Chick Tract came about after Jack heard about how effective comics had been in spreading Communism in China. There was initially a lot of resistance to the cartoon format in the Christian world, but eventually his tracts caught on and went worldwide. They are currently available in over 100 languages.

Jack's pull no punches style has always been unpopular with non-Christians (and even some Christians), indeed he is quite a favorite person for many people to attack, but many of the attackers are missing one or more vital points.

The writings of Jack Chick are not just the rantings of some lunatic suffering from religious mania. He didn't just make all of this up. He didn't just go out and decide that Muslims, Catholics, and the unsaved were all damned. He didn't make up the idea that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.

The fact is that what is in Jack Chick's writings largely represents the actual beliefs of Christians today, and when I say Christians I mean "Born Again" Protestants (Catholicism, Mormonism, and the beliefs of the Jehovah's Witnesses are as far separated from Protestantism as Islam is). Go into any Protestant church that actually preaches the bible and you are going to hear the same things. You may not hear them all at once the way Jack Chick does it, but you will hear the same message. That message is this. There is none righteous, no, not one. That God sent to us his only begotten son so that we may have eternal life. That Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. The exclusive nature of Jesus Christ means that all other religions are wrong, and that their followers are knowingly or unknowingly leading people down the path of damnation.

Of course most of you are going to find that message offensive. Most people would much rather believe in their own version of God, who is based mostly off of television, movies, and their idea of what they think God should be like. The God of the bible may or may not have been made up by the Hebrews, but I can promise you one hundred percent that an altered version of that God is one you made up yourself.

Now I don't have the entire Holy Bible memorized, but I am quite familiar with it. I went ahead and I took the liberty of reading all of chick.com (at least everything easily accessible, the site is actually giant though, with many articles only available via search), and frankly I couldn't find much of anything that disagrees with the bible. If the Judeo-Christian God exists, then Jack Chick's stuff is right on. The only errors I could find had little to do with the bible, and much to do with Jack's misunderstanding of a subject. I am particularly thinking about the Dark Dungeons tract, in which Jack believed that Dungeons & Dragons was a form of witchcraft. It is not, but even that tract is bibically correct, the only error is the fact that Jack has absolutely no idea what Dungeons & Dragons really is (and that playing D&D is probably less popular with young girls than any other hobby around). He actually makes quite a few other errors here and there, but none that I could find were biblical, all were related to more modern events, or to interpretations of non-biblical events.

Catholicism, Islam, Mormonism, and Jehovah's Witnesses also feel the exact same way about Wiccans, Pagans and other alternative religions as Jack Chick does. They also largely feel the same way about each other.

All major religions that I have any knowledge of believe that they are exclusive, and that all other religions are not only wrong, but dangerous. Religion is about belief in what the higher truth is, and frankly would you even want to believe in a religion that didn't believe in itself? Sure it is nice and popular to say that all the religions are right, but that just isn't the truth. The facts are that they are mutually exclusive, and only one of them could possibly be right (well if any of the Christian variants are correct, then that also validates ancient Judaism as well).

There is really no place for "moderation" when it comes to religion. Look at any of the world's major religions, and look at what they believe in. Absolutely none of them leave any room for moderation. To believe in the Jesus Christ of the bible is not a part time belief. For a believer to keep it to themself would be worse than letting children starve to death in their own home.

Now I really have no idea what my Wiccan/Pagan friends believe in. But if they truly believe it, and they believe it is the truth, then why are they not actively trying to spread this truth, instead of keeping it to themselves, and to their small groups. If they don't believe they have the truth, then what are they arguing about? And if they believe in multiple truths, then what are the other truths, and how is theirs better? And finally, why is there almost no one over the age of sixty involved in any of these religions?

The fact is that Jack Chick and friends want to reach you because they care about you. That is a fundamental difference between him and many of you. I have read plenty of attacks on Jack Chick, Fundamentalists, and Christians in general, yet I haven't read much anything about any plans to share any "truth" with them other than Atheism. Atheism could possibly be true, but there is no reason to evangelize it, because if there is no God, then it doesn't matter what you believed.

Please don't send any messages "defending" belief systems that you do not hold. That doesn't even make sense, but almost every message I get in relationship to any religion nodes is that of someone defending the validity of beliefs they do not hold. No I do not agree with everything Jack says and believes, but nor do I agree with everything my own Pastor says. But all three of us believe in the same bible, and all three of our personal beliefs come from that same bible.

This writeup used to have many notes on the bottom because of the flood of messages I get disagreeing with minor, minor quibbling issues as to what exactly Muslims and Jews think about other people. I removed the notes, as this writeup has almost nothing to do with those issues.

I would argue that Jack Chick and the parent poster above, in fact, do not believe in The Bible, despite being Christian.

That is an extraordinary statement, which requires extraordinary proof, which I will now offer.

Most Christians in this world, by number, are Roman Catholic. The Catholic Bible was defined at the Synod of Hippo and the Council of Carthage as being the 27 books of the New Testament, and the 47 books of the Septugiant- a Greek version of the Old Testament translated in the days of the Greek King Alexander to be the scripture for Greek-speaking Jews in his empire.

The "11 extra books" most publishers today put between the Old Testament and the New, were originally part and parcel of the Old Testament. In fact, one wasn't originally a book, but instead just a few extra stories in the Book of Daniel.

Protestantism, in particular Martin Luther, changed all that during the Reformation- actually EDITING scripture. The reformers wanted scripture edited down even further (after all, James Chapter 2 kind of lends lie to the entire concept of the 5 solas, and the first chapter of the Gospel of John indicates to anybody able to read that the Word of God isn't a book, but a person) but the people wouldn't stand for editing the New Testament. So they went with the Jewish Old Testament from the Synod of Jamnia instead- which only contains those books Ezra the Priest collected when the Jews returned to Israel from Babylon.

In return, since the 11 extra books had been considered of secondary importance by even Catholic scholars up until then, the Council of Trent formally defined the extra works.

Many important Catholic theological concepts, such as praying for the dead, the Communion of Saints, and even some of Christ's own sayings, come from the historical period of the Revolt of the Maccabees, which is included in those 11 extra books. It's little wonder that in their attempt to shake off human authority, the Protestant Reformers wanted to hide this.

And so today, there truly is great difference between certain denominations of Protestantism and that of Catholicism. But you can't tell me that the fundamentalists are truly Biblical- because they simply don't have the whole Bible. Thus, it's little wonder that we get horrifically under-researched Chick Tracts like "The Death Cookie" (though I really have to wonder, after reading that one, if Jack Chick has ever read John 6.)

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