An anti-homosexuality tract by Jack T. Chick, 1984.

Since JTC's Armada of Lawyers has been really really nasty at people who copy the artwork, I recommend you to go to JTC's web site and read the story. As of writing, it's located at

Well well well. Society's picture of gays has changed quite a lot since this one was published, but fundie attitudes don't change. No wonder some Christians try to get more distance to JTC... I'm not commenting here much on the content of the tract, just raising some points that defy logic.

The most interesting part of the tract is, of course, the page 8. It features two archeologists looking at Canaaite ruins "depicting their religious worship of about 1500 B.C". One archeologist is coverting is eyes, saying "Good Lord, I can't believe my eyes, we can't publish this. It's filthy!" The other has not covered the eyes, but mouth instead, saying, "I'm going to vomit!"

Now what happened to Indiana Jones? Granted, the caption says this happened in the dawn of 1900s, instead of pre-WWII milieu of Indy movies, but what happened to the brave and fearless explorers who valiantly dug into the ancient ruins and ageless jungles, trying to uncover the secrets of past civilization... This depicts archeologists as pathetic wusses. Harrison Ford would roll in his grave if he were dead. =)

Page 17 describes another fact that was (literally) dug out: A town that seemed to have been destroyed by rain of brimstone, or at least that's the conclusion the tract presents.

That reminds me of one digging team who claimed they had drilled a few kilometers down, the drill started spinning wildly, and when they lowered a microphone to the hole they heard high-pitched whine, as if someone was screaming - and some religious sects proved thus that the Hell exists. Never mind the composition of the bowels of Earth is already known pretty well...

I've recently (2003-04-15) heard of one interesting detail about this tract. JTC likes to revise his works, due to the fact that his, uh, rock-solid facts tend to be rather shifting. (Big Daddy, the most famous anti-evolution tract, has, *cough*, evolved over time so much that even I noticed one change, and I was then but a humble beginner in the exciting and challenging field of Chickology.) In 1972 version of the tract, on page 18, the other person says "You must understand that I'm sick - and you should have compassion on me!", but in 2000 version, he says "You're offended by gays? Are you some kind of bigot?" ... if this isn't a sign of the changing attitudes, what is?

Page 20 talks how life expectancy of gays, 42 years, dropped to 39 years. Oh yeah, sounds like AIDS cures homosexuality... Not! They did quote the chapter and verse, too, but from the wrong book - no source of those numbers was presented.

(Speaking from the experience: at least one fundie I saw knew the numbers he said were right, and he said he didn't need to cite the source that he never mentioned. The source was his hat, I guess...)

(Source for the revision details: <>)

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