It recently occurred to me that, beside Sinead O'Connor, Everyone likes the Pope. I read in the news this morning that he went to visit the "Holy Land". Supposedly he and Arafat got on well. Who gets along with Arafat? The Pope does. He kissed a bowl of Palestinian dirt; apparently that is a big thing, to kiss the bowl of dirt. Then again, anything kissed by the Pope is probably a big deal.

So besides his religious stance on certain trivial issues, what has the guy really done wrong to anyone? I'm asking, because I honestly don't know. You all know me, between Saige and I, we could be melded together and quite viably be accused of being the anti-Christ and I still think the Pope is cool. He seems to be a rather diplomatic fellow.

So my question is, is there in fact something I am missing here about the Pope, or is he doing a pretty good job of being Pope-like?

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