In Western civilization, the Holy Land refers to Jerusalem and its surroundings - obviously due to the domination of the Judeo-Christian viewpoint.

Currently (turn of the 21st Century), the place is a mess. People with religious differences are fighting it out in an undeclared war, mostly Palestinian Muslims and Jews from all over. Because the Holy Land is holy to three major religions, people become emotional and irrational in regards to the site's occupation. It doesn't help that at least two of those religions can't seem to get along at all, and one is on the rebound from being treated *very* badly by Nazis.

To a person who does not believe in any Judeo-Christian Religion, it all looks like a colossal waste of time, money, and human lives. Both Palestinians and Israeli Jews think they have a historical 'right' to the land, which is obviously silly. On a TV spot I saw, some of the more militant Israelis stated that they won the war, so that they have the right to the land. Which is stupid, as it legitimizes the taking of land with guns and tanks - would the Israelis sit and accept it if the Palestinians were able to take Jerusalem by force? And it doesn't help when the Palestinian factions that want continued struggle teaches children that blowing themselves up with a couple of Jews is a good way of getting into Heaven...

I'm not a religious man, but if I was, I would pick a religion that has a more pleasant holy land, like Maui.

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