A 1992 tract by Jack T. Chick.

Theme of the day? The End Times - or, as JTC put it in the beginning of the tract, "Near future".

I love this tract. Not only this tract seem paranoid, it is absolutely, positively conspiratorial... Most JTC tracts are just casually paranoid ("The Government will dump the Freedom of Religion and Christian Values die"), but this one just simply bites.

Even the first speech bubble begins: From the World Court headquarters in Rome... Stand by as Supreme Justice Mahoney, S.J., adresses the world.

So what the Catholic conspiracy is doing this time, you may ask? Well, the people first criminalize the Protestant belief that Jesus is the only way to the heaven. And while they're at it, they make it a treason and a capital offense. (Those eeeeeeeeevil Catholics, you know, they're nasty... =)

Well, a Christian family head of course deduces that this is the last generation, and the end of the world is near.

The youngest member of the family comes home, whines angstily that "The kids call me slime because my @!!!%%! parents are still married". With the quote from Exodus 20:10, ("Honor thy father and thy mother" etc etc), and note that "Bobby won't live long". (Kids. Be nice when your parents tell you to, lest God shall smite thee. =)

The kid then tells that his teacher told cats and dogs would be great for Halloween sacrifice. "She's a witch?" "You idiot! You knew that!" The boy then tells how bad people come back as dogs and cats - and JTC then quickly notes that Reincarnation is a "LIE!"...

Then the kid tells, after calling his mother with a horrible name "old crud" and she tells him less kindly to go to bed, that his friend's mother had told his friend to go to bed in an equally un-nice way and she's now in concentration camp for child abuse...

Next day: The Famous New Age Healer is looking for sickos "who believe Jesus Christ created the universe." Promises of rewards are given.

Kid asks his grandfather a question regarding this issue, and grandpa happily tells the Truth about Creation. The kid goes away, enraged, calling his grandpa an "insane criminal".

Twelve hours later, in Mental Health division. Two staff members discuss about "patient's" condition. "How long before he cracks?" "Not long! We inserted microchips to increase the pain." (See Dr. Kent Hovind's theories... =)

The rest summarised: A doubting Christian turns in some True Christians, THEY come to kill them, but "Their clothes are on the floor... but where are they?" The answer? "They're in the clouds with the Christ." Insert Normal JTC stuff about salvation. The end.

Summary of what's being told or implied here:

  • Reference to Catholic conspiracy
  • Kids who will not obey their parents will go to Hell
  • Halloween is a Satanic holiday (druid stuff, as told in other tracts)
  • "New Age" religions are evil

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