"Dr." Kent Hovind, aka "Dr. Dino", is a young Earth creationist, who has promised to give 250000 USD to the one who "proves" or gives evidence of evolution. (No one has bothered to do that, though. The prize appears to be bogus, and the proof should, of course, include easy things like creating an universe in laboratory conditions...)

He has apparently debated about these creation matters a lot, and thinks he's always right - 'cuz the Bible says so, that's why. Reportedly he's pretty incompetent creationist, believing "evidences against evolution" that even the other creationists have stopped believing in...

He has also published a lot of, umm, interesting theories:

Satan "causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark." The Greek word translated "mark" literally means "etching." Computer microchips have information etched into silicon. Microchips may play an important part in the mark of the beast.

He has been awarded a P.T. Barnum award (http://www.nmsr.org/HOVIND.HTM)

His web site: http://www.drdino.com/

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